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y1581b_email.jpgVANMARK PEELER - WASHER - SCRUBBER, Model M26, 6 roll, stainless steel...

...currently configured with (4) stiff brush rolls and (2) abrasive rolls. A 12 inch by 27 inch infeed hopper / chute at a 60 inch infeed height feeds the peeling chamber. Over the rolls is a stainless steel spray bar with 9 high pressure nozzles, beneath the rolls a bottom collection pan with a 6 inch center bottom discharge outlet, catches peels and water. At the product discharge, a powered metering auger regulates the discharge flow rate. There is a  lubrication cluster for discharge end bearings.

This variable speed, hydraulic driven peeling machine is complete with a 7.5 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase hydraulic power pack with fluid cooler.

As of this writing, this 6 roll brush washer / abrasive peeler is in stock, complete and in good condition, available for  timely shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1581



28" wide seal bar with  dual snorkels on 9.25" centers; over 8" x 46" adjustable height / orientation bag support tray. 10cfm Gast vacuum pump with 3/4 HP 208/230 volt 3 phase motor, with operator controls. Set up for Vacuum only, not configured for gas flush. Food grade stainless steel construction. On casters.

Owner represents as little used (owner's process changed from bags to bulk totes ) since refurbished by Alard in 2011, in good operational condition, and available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1759


y1758a_email.jpgQuadrel "Econoline" Automatic FRONT & BACK PRESSURE SENSITIVE LABELER, with thru -conveyor.

(2) Quadrel digital M1.5 "wipe-on" label applicator heads (front and back), mounted one on each side of the 4.5 inch wide by 8 foot long Delrin table top chain type belt through conveyor. Food grade stainless steel construction.

Previously used for banjo style salad dressing bottles, ran "comfortably" at speeds up to 60 bottles per minute. The product did so well the owner upgraded their line to four times the (speed) capacity, and replaced this with an four times faster Quadrel labeling machine.

As of this writing, this front and back pressure sensitive labeling machine is owner-represented as in good operational condition and available for immediate shipment.
Alard item reference: Y1758


y1477a.jpgRhodes Kook-E-King Automatic COOKIE DEPOSITING MACHINE, accepts many types of dough (with chocolate chips, and / or chopped nuts for example). Manufacturer rates for 90 to 600 cookies per minute, and 10 to 80 strokes per minute.

Includes a 40 lb (12 inch long by 18 inch wide by 5 inch deep) dough hopper with two 18 inch long feed rollers. Variable speed drive and adjustment for cookie weight ranges from 1/4 ounce to 3 ounces. Twin ribbon-belt conveyor for cookie pans.

110 volt single phase (standard household current) electrical input.

As of this writing, this Cookie King cookie depositer / dough depositor, is in stock in good condition, available for timely shipment.
Alard item reference #: Y1477

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