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18 inch diameter by 36 inch long screened drum with 1/8 inch diameter screen perforations, with 2 inch high spiral in reel to remove solids. Mounted over a 48 inch long by 24 inch wide by 22 inch deep water catch tank with an infeed pipe at 32 inches high. 2.5 inch bottom end drain in tank.

This water screener came in with a gear reducer, but missing a motor. Can be shipped as-is immediately, or we can install a motor to buyer voltage specification prior to shipment, with reasonable lead time. Otherwise, this water strainer drum is, as of this writing, in stock in good condition, operable (but for lack of a motor), and available for timely shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1703


y1400c_email.jpgPIPELINE METAL DETECTOR, SAFELINE Model 110303.

Stainless steel search / detection head with a 4  inch diameter aperture (for up to a 3.5 inch pipeline), with digital controls, on a stainless steel height adjustable stand.

Complete with digital operator controls Control panel
with pneumatic hookup for reject valve (reject valve and thru-pipe not included as-is).

As of this writing, this pipline metal detection system is in stock in good  operational condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1400



24 inch wide by 72 inch long. Two-screen with step configuration, consisting of a 12 inch long flat solid infeed to a 24 inch long screen section, to a 3 inch drop, to a 2" solid border and another 24 inch long screen section, to a 10 inch long solid discharge section. 29 inch infeed height, 14 inch discharge height (from screen level) on tubular stainless steel stand.

Screens are removable replaceable screens held in by quick
y1704f_email.jpg  release hooks. Existing screens included are perpendicular gable shape ribs with openings from 1/2 inch at infeed to 1 1/8 inch ad discharge. This Key Iso-Flo shaker screen was previously used as a size grader where product that went through the sieves fell onto belt conveyors running under the shaker (belt conveyors not included); --so as currently configured, the shaker body is open on the bottom. Screens can
easily be replaced for other applications and/or a catch pan or chute could be added.

All stainless steel construction. Has standard Key slat type vibrator arms, and a new-style Key Iso-Flo eccentric vibrator complete with 1HP 3 phase motor drive.

As of this writing, this vibratory shaker-grader is in stock in good operable condition, available for timely shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1704


y1041e_email.jpgSCREW CONVEYOR with HOPPER, ELEVATING, all Stainless Steel.

Consists of a 48 inch wide by 24 inch long by 18 inch deep infeed hopper feeding an 8 inch diameter screw auger, with 3 inch high flights on 9" centers. The screw-auger shaft (and surrounding trough) is 86 inches in overall length, with a  product travel of 72 inches from the infeed to the 9" square discharge opening. 39 inch infeed height, 58 inch discharge height, on existing 6 inch high casters.

There is also a 2 inch diameter threaded cleanout port in the trough at a 9 inch discharge height. The trough is covered by a hinged stainless steel door with clasps.

The infeed hopper has a three-shaft paddle agitator over the screw to prevent product bridging and assist in evenly feeding product to the auger.

All stainless steel construction including stianless steel operator control panel.

Complete with 3 phase drive.

As of this writing this elevating screw conveyor, screw feeder, is in stock in good condition, available as-is for immediate shipment.
Alard item reference Y1041

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