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  • FOOD FACTORY EQUIPMENT IN-STOCK, June 2023 - Stein Thermofin FRYER TFF4019 gas fired item Y4917, Alard elevating FEED CONVEYOR with hopper item Y5514, Olney HD50 AIR CLEANER item y53224, FMC Lab-size ROTARY CAN COOKER item Y4486, SEASONING DRUM item Y4288, Scott Turbon MIXER item Y5032, BEAN GRADER Z3172, Shell and tube HEAT EXCHANGER item Y4296, Urschel Comitrol 1700 item Y3873, Urschel model HA DICER item Y4814, Dual-lane VIBRATING CONVEYOR item Y4090, Belt-transfer CHECKWEIGHER ITEM Y5356.

  • FRESH-CUT Fruit and Vegetable Processing & Packaging Machines in-stock, June 2023 - Tenrit Solo C KNIFE CARROT PEELER Y5377, Alard ELEVATING FEED CONVEYOR with hopper Y5514, VIBRATORY even-flow FEEDER Y2231, Kronen fruit and vegetable WEDGE CUTTER Y4628, NSEP FP35 plastic basket SPIN DRYER y5546, Food grade DIP TANK washer rinser Y5248, Kronen SEGMENT CUTTER Y4969; AIR CLEANER for green beans, wax beans, celery, Y5324; BAR GRADER for green beans, was beans Z3172, Belt-transfer CHECKWEIGHER with reject Y5356; Urschel DICER model H-A Y4814, Dual-lane VIBRATING CONVEYOR Y4090.

  • FOOD FACTORY EQUIPMENT IN-STOCK, March 2023 - Urschel Comitrol 1700 15HP mill Y3873, bottle and jar filler for liquids oils and sauces, Y5291, Urschel model H DICER Y4665, Urschel SL-A DICER Y4782, White Cap STEAM CAPPER lug capper Y2242, Tridyne food grade single lane LINEAR SCALE netweigh filler Y4234, Waukesha model 130 PUMP Y4679, Ty-Linker SAUSAGE LINKER Y2304, industrial food grade diatomaceous earth FILTER 316 stainless steel Y4033, Food grade METAL DETECTOR with conveyor 41x8 opening Y3460, Fortress Phantom METAL DETECTOR with conveyor 26x10 opening Y5463, Cornell 4-inch FOOD PUMP with feed-tank and drive Y3807, in stock, Alard Equipment Company, March 2023.

  • PRE-CUT PRODUCE and FRESH-CUT Processing and Packing Equipment, March 2023 - CMI wash and chill FLUME Y4530, Heinzen HMI SD150 SPIN DRYERS Y4372 and Y4425, 316 stainless steel diatomaceous Earth FILTER Y0433, Turbulent Jet WASHER for fruits and vegetables Y5113, Magnuson ONION PEELER Y3894, CMI WATER CHILLER tank with solids recovery reel Y5172, Romaine, carrot, celry vegetable trimmer tip and butt cutter Y3895, Refurbished Urschel model H DICER Y4665, Refurbished Urschel model SL-A DICER Y4782, 41x8 opening belt-transfer METAL DETECTOR y3460, Fortress Phantom 26x10 METAL DETECTOR Y5463, Cornell 4-inch FOOD PUMP with feed tank and drive Y3807.

  • Fruit and Vegeatable PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, February 2023 - VACUUM fruit and vegetable COOLER Y4070, stainless steel BUCKET ELEVATOR Y4327, Lyco FLASH COOLER fruit and vegetable chiller Y4302, automatic L-Bar SEALER Y3412, Hydrasieve SCREEN water recovery static screen 4x3 Y5017, Sesotec LARGE opening METAL DETECTOR with conveyor belt, Rietz Bepex EXTRUCTOR RE24, Y5114 Cryovac VFFS sous vide pouch filler bagger, Quadro Ytron ZC POWDER DISPERSER Y5408, Urschel W french style BEAN SLICER Z9013, Angelus 60L CAN SEAMER with change parts for 300 diameter cans Y2559, Waukesha positive displacement PUMP with rectangular in-feed Y1829.

  • FRESHCUT Fruit & Vegetable Processing and Packaging Machines February 2023- CVP A-300 vacuum gas-flush BAG SEALER Y5074, Turbulent flow water jet fruit and vegetable immersion WASHER Y4499, Sormac ONION PEELER, Lyco BEAN SNIPPER intermediate size all stainless steel Y3997, INSPECTION BELT for fruit and vegetable processing Y3652, Kronen BATCH POTATO PEELER Y4267.

  • FRUIT & VEGETABLE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT September 2022 -Cassel LARGE opening METAL DETECTOR with belt transfer conveyor Y5097, Magnuson 8-roll SCRUBBER Y4348, Grovedale STEP FEEDER with SEGMENT CUTTER Y4316, Urschel OC Transverse Slicer Y2562, Cornell 8 inch FOOD PUMP Y4997, Key Farmco SSR5 SLIVER SIZER REMOVER Y5316, Z8683 elevating CONVEYOR belt Z8683, Waukesha model 2 PUMP Y4457, Urschel Diversacut 2110 Y5164, Y4109 Vanmark Hydrolift DESTONER Y4109, Starr PEELER 4-roll Y3957, Hydrasieve 36x24 Z3200.

  • FRUIT & VEGETABLE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT August 2022 - Lyco 8900 rotary drum COOKER-COOLER 12x8 item Y5263, Spray Dynamics soft-flight COATING DRUM with liquid applicator Y5147, Hayssen Ultima VFFS Y4934, Alard Riptide TURBULENT WASHER for leafy greens Y5113, Busse CAN UNLOADER Y2413, SEASONING DRUM Y4405, Urschel model G DICER Y5086, Brown 202 FINISHER Y5236, produce IMMERSION WASHER Y4500, four roll BRUSH WASHER for fruits and vegetables Y5325, Tomato CHOPPER Y4678, Douglas food TOTE WASHER Y3146.

  • FOOD FACTORY EQUIPMENT May 2022 - Urschel Diverscut 2110 DICER, Urschel model SL-A DICER, Hot Water Rotary Blancher, Alard BIN DUMPER,60 cubic foot RIBBON BLENDER with slide gates discharge, Magnuson NF24 PEELER, Fitzpatrick DAS012, Groen 40 gallon self-contained electric KETTLE, Cornell 6 inch FOOD PUMP, hopper-feeder BELT, Unifiller single piston FILLER, Waukesha model 46 lobe PUMP, Koch Ilpra vacuum gas-flush BAG SEALER, Packrite conveyor belt 8X6, Fitzpatrick Guilo-River, Fitzpatrick FAS012, 36 inch diameter BATCH POTATO PEELER, half gallon single piston filler, Alard 4-roll PEELER, Cassel food METAL DETECTOR with conveyor 20x11.

  • FRESH-CUT Fruit & Vegetable Processing & Packaging machines May 2022 - Refurbished Urschel Diversacut 2110 DICER, Alard BIN DUMPER, Magnuson NF24 PEELER, CVP A300 vacuum BAG SEALER, Spray WASHER, TS Designs Triple Wash GREENS WASHER, water reclaim REEL, Cabbage CORER, Vacuum gas-flush TRAY SEALER, hopper-FEEDER belt, wash and chill FLUME, 8x6 food grade belt CONVEYOR, vibrating DEWATERING SHAKER, coleslaw and sauerkraut CUTTER slicer, Sormac ONION PEELER, Bock FP90 SPIN DRYER, Alard 4-roll PEELER, Cassel 20x11 food METAL DETECTOR, Fitzmill FAS012 HAMMERMILL, 36 inch diameter BATCH POTATO PEELER.

  • PRE-CUT PRODUCE Processing & Packaging machines in stock, January 2022 -HMI dual automatic SPIN DRYER system, Brothers Legrow SPIN DRYER, Grote FPS fresh produce SLICER, Hobart 6430 BATCH PEELER, CVP A-300, Y6097 gas blender, CHILL FLUME for pre-cut produce freshcut products, 3-level inspection conveyor and TRIM LINE, 2-station BAG PACKING TABLE, stainless steel BIN DUMPER / TOTE DUMPER for up to 40x 48 inch crates, Arpac automatic L-BAR SEALER with packing conveyor, Urschel model H-A DICER, 36x38 HYDRASIEVE screen, Ceia drop-through gravity fall METAL DETECTOR, Fortress phantom 14x6 opening METAL DETECTOR with decline conveyor, 6-inch stainless steel FOOD PUMP, Cornell 6 inch food pump 6NHPP-F15K, piston transfer pump, Commercial WASH REEL tumble washer dewatering drum.

  • FOOD PROCESSING and PACKAGING EQUIPMENT in stock, January 2022 - Blentech Versatherm JACKETED RIBBON BLENDER with scrape-surface agitation, Spray Dynamics coating reel / SEASONING DRUM, Lee 125 gallon steam-jacketed KETTLE, 40 gallon steam-jacketed KETTLE, Gump PRESSURE SIFTER, batch or continuous PADDLE MIXER, 700 gallon vertical single-wall stainless steel tank, 450 gallon vertical single-wall stainless steel tank, Y4679 Waukesha PUMP model 130, Arpac automatic L-BAR SEALER with packing conveyor, Urschel model H-A DICER, 36x38 HYDRASIEVE screen, Ceia drop-through gravity fall METAL DETECTOR, Fortress phantom 14x6 opening METAL DETECTOR with decline conveyor, 6-inch stainless steel FOOD PUMP, Cornell 6 inch food pump 6NHPP-F15K, piston transfer pump, Commercial WASH REEL tumble washer dewatering drum

  • Your Money Back (September 2021)  - We want to BUY your idle, surplus food manufacturing equipment: Cutting machines, particle size reduction equipment, metal detectors, Freshcut / fruit and vegetable processing equiupment, cooking and cooling equipmnet, mixers, grading and sorting equipment, filling equipment, packaging equipment, liquid handling equipment, bul product handing equipment.

  • Pre-Cut Produce Processing Equipment in stock, August 2021 - garlic peeling line, 300 pound capacity spin dryer, Urschel model J-A, Urschel dicer model H, Heinzen 150 pound capacity spin dryers, y4280 slice washer dip tank, Vanmark two-chamber 16 roll peeler-scrubber, Magnuson 4 roll hydraulic peeler, 20 by 12 opening metal detector, Heinzen rotostrainer, CVP A300 bag sealer, Flott ZS35 batch peeler, stainless steel Cornell 4-inch food pump with tank and drive, Packrite 6000 continuous band bag sealer, charlie's model RDS grading reel sliver remover, PND SS8 carrot-stick cutter wedger slab cutter, Safeline metal detector, 36 by 24 Hydrosieve, water conveyor pump with feed tank and drive, vibrating dewatering shaker.

  • Food Processing & Packaging Equipment in stock, August 2021 - Lyco Rotary Drum Cooker-Cooler, Heat and Control BPF-3620 continuous Fryer, Blentech Versatherm Model TP-22088 twin-ribbon mixer-blender-cooker with scraper-agitator, Heinzen Rotostrainer, Urschel model J-A Dicer, Urschel model H Dicer, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 144 feet product exposure, pipeline metal detector for 2 inch pipeline, 20x12 food grade metal detector, 4 inch hydro transport food pump, bin dumper for 40 by 48 inch bin, 5 gallon self-contained kettle with scraper-agitator, L-Bar Sealer with heat shrink tunnel, 60 cubic foot ribbon blender, 36 by 24 Hydrasieve, vibrating dewatering shaker, NBE S9 product saver packaged liquid recovery press, metal detector with conveyor belt for vertical packages cartons bottles. 16 roll peeler, brush washer, scrubber; 4-roll peeler, brush washer, scrubber.

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  • Pre-Cut Produce Processing Equipment in stock, March 2021 - fruit and vegetable cooling CHILL FLUME, turbulent-flow VEGETABLE WASHER, food grade IMMERSION WASHER, food grade plastic basket SPIN DRYER, Bock FP-90 SPIN DRYER, used Turrati SPIRALIZER, 3-level inspection conveyor, Hobart HCM-300, food grade stainless steel BAG-PACKING TABLE, 4-roll vegetable PEELER with elevating feed conveyor, refurbished Urschel GK-A DICER, 6-inch diameter inline PIPE-LINE METAL DETECTOR, SPEED-UP BELT trough-belt feeder, CCM CORN CUTTER hand-fed, Vanmark Rotary Washer, cleated-belt elevating feed conveyor, roller inspection conveyor, Key-Farmco roller sizer sliver remover, food grade stainless steel dewatering shaker, immersion washer dip tank.

  • Food Processing & Packaging Equipment in stock, March 2021 - Rietz Bepex EXTRUCTOR RE-24, Urschel model M6 meat DICER, 100 gallon jacketed LIQUEFIER, French style green bean slicer, Angelus 60L CAN SEAMER, Canco model 8 CAN CLOSING MACHINE, Fortress METAL DETECTOR 16x4 with conveyor belt, food metal detector with conveyor belt 14x5 opening,Safeline 2.5 inch diameter inline pipe-line METAL DETECTOR, 4-roll vegetable PEELER with elevating feed conveyor, refurbished Urschel GK-A DICER, 6-inch diameter inline PIPE-LINE METAL DETECTOR, SPEED-UP BELT trough-belt feeder, CCM CORN CUTTER hand-fed, Vanmark Rotary Washer, cleated-belt elevating feed conveyor, roller inspection conveyor, Key-Farmco roller sizer sliver remover, food grade stainless steel dewatering shaker, immersion washer dip tank.

  • FRESH-CUT PROCESS EQUIPMENT you'll LOVE, February 2021 - Turatti DEWATERING BELT, Urschel OC slicer, Urschel H dicer, 3-conveyor coring and trimming line, Lyco flash chiller, Key water recovery reel, Key Iso-Flo vibrating grader, Sormac onion peeler, fruit brush washer waxer scrubber, Key Iso-Flo vibrating feeder, Vanmark Hydrolift deestoner, food metal detector with conveyor 12 x 13 opening, Cornell 6 inch food pump with feed tank and drive, Key Iso-Flo aligning feeder, solution dip tank washer, Orics vacuum tray sealer with gas-flush, urschel RA dicer, FMC two-lane vibrating feeder, Ilpra vacuum tray sealer with gas flush, Urschel OV slicer

  • Food machines TO FALL-IN-LOVE-WITH February 2021 - Lyco EZ FLOW flash chillers, Urschel Comitrol 3640 slant, Doboy continuous band bag sealer, barrel dumper drum-dumper, Urschel OC slicer, Weiler 1612B block grinder, Key iso-Flo vibrating shaker-grader, Ilpra tray sealer, Praxair c02 freezer tunnel, Lyco 8700 pouch cooler, Whallon can depalletizer, Vanmark hydrolift, Key Iso-Flo vibratory feeder, Z-shaped feed conveyor, T316 stainless steel diatomaceous earth filter, Urschel OV slicer, Urschel RA dicer, Safeine metal detector, Urschel H dicer

  • FRESH-CUT PRODUCE PACKING EQUIPMENT, November 2020 - NSEP HW3800 HELICAL WASHER, TS Designs Junior Wash & Chill WASHER-CHILLER, Heinzen AB100-2 automatic DUAL SPIN DRYER SYSTEM, Sormac ONION PEELER, VACUUM DEWATERING CONVEYOR, Two-station hand-pack BAG FILLING TABLE, Food METAL DETECTOR 21x12 with belt conveyor, Food METAL DETECTOR 12x8 with conveyor belt, TROUGH-BELT CONVEYOR, Elevating AUGER-FEEDER, Vanmark Hydrolift DESTONER vertical SCREW FEEDER, 3-level inspection belt, Mueller PLATE CHILLER, elevating belt feed-CONVEYOR, Packrite 6000 continuous-band BAG SEALER with through-conveyor, 50 pound BATCH POTATO PEELER, automatic BAG SEALER, Wet HOPPER-FEED BELT, Inclined BELT CONVEYOR, Key Iso-Flo SHAKER-GRADER

  • Food Equipment you need before year end, November 2020 - Lyco Vapor Flow BLANCHER, Kerian Roller SIZE GRADER, Safeline 25x8 METAL DETECTOR with conveyor belt, Fitzpatrick Fitzmill 12-inch DKASO12, 1000 lb RIBBON BLENDER, Key CLUSTER BUSTER IQF de-clumper delumper, Urschel Comitrol 1700 15HP, Food METAL DETECTOR 12x12 with belt conveyor, elevating belt CONVEYOR, Belt METAL DETECTOR 21x9, elevating SCREW CONVEYOR auger-feeder, wet-hopper with discharge belt, Dixie CAN SEAMER, TROUGHED-BELT CONVEYOR, Key Iso-Flow VIBRATING GRADER, Vanmark Hydrolift DESTONER feeder, elevating-belt CONVEYOR, Autobag vertical AUTOMATIC BAG-SEALER, Angelus 60L CAN SEAMER, Lyco HYDROSIEVE static screen 36x30

  • Pre-cut Proeduce Fresh-Cut packing machines in stock for timely Shipment, July 2020 - Urschel Diversacut Sprint DICER, Kronen K50 plastic basket SPIN DRYER, Heinzen autobatch two-lane automatic SPIN DRYER system, Bock FP-95 SPIN DRYER in like-new condition, TS Designs Junor Wash and Chill immersion WASHER, Vanmark 9 roll PEELER BRUSH-WASHER, 3-level INSPECTION CONVEYOR, Vanmark model 1405 ELEVATING BELT CONVEYOR with hopper, Urschel M DICER, Urschel G-A DICER, Urschel Comitrol model 3640 slant 40HP, Urschel H-A DICER, Grove Dale Flight Feeder with length cutting knives, Mueller FALLING FILM CHILLER plate chiller, Packright continuous band BAG SEALER, Key DEWATERING SHAKER, Key VIBRATING FEEDER, Kerian ROLLER SIZE GRADER, Gooseneck-infeed ELEVATING BELT CONVEYOR with hopper, Bock SPIN DRYER BASKETS, Alard Equipment Corporation, fresh-cut, pre-cut produce, processing and packaging equipment, packing equipment.

  • Food Machinery in stock available in stock for timely shipment, July 2020 - Urschel Model M DICER, Urschel Model SLA DICER, Urschel G-A DICER, Urschel H-A DICER, Vanmark 8 roll PEELER-WASHER, FMC / REID Model 610-10 Universal pilot-plant ROTARY CAN STERILIZER, 6x48 hot water rotary BLANCHER, Grove Dale STEP-FEEDER with length cutter, Clayton vertical STEAM BOILER 150psi 50HP, Tri-Clover TRIBLENDER powder disperser, PADDLE BLENDER 40 cubic foot, Arpack bulls-eye TRAY WRAPPER with heat tunnel, Groen 150 gallon steam jackted KETTLE with single-motion agitator, Tipper-Tie sausage linker CLIPPER, Urschel Diversacut Sprint DICER, Urschel model 3640 Comitrol slant 40HP, walk-in DEHYDRATOR dryer, elevating belt FEED CONVEYOR, Key DEWTERING SHAKER, gooseneck infeed incline feed conveyor.

  • FOOD PROCESS and PACKING equiment for FAST RECOVERY, in stock available now April 2020 - Weiler 1620 GRINDER, tote dumper hopper feed conveyor system, Urschel SLA, Groen 200 gallon steam jackted KETTLE with INA scraper-agitator, Pressed Right PR25NS / Goodnature X1 plate and bag JUICE PRESS, Clean-Out-of-Place sanitation washer TANK, cans-in-tray PALLETIZER, Angelus model 60L CAN SEAMER, semi-automatic round RETORT BASKET LOADER for vertical retorts, semiautomatic square RETORT BASKET LOADER for horizontal retorts,Votator 6x72 swept surface HEAT EXCHANGER, Durco Mark III BRINE PUMP, 200 gallon TOTE TANKS, four-inch FOOD PUMP / FLUME PUMP kit, Loma METAL DETECTOR for vertical containers with thru-conveyor, small sigma-arm DOUGH MIXER, 5-inch CENTRIFUGAL PUMP, Robins Drago dry bean DESTONER-WASHER, Waukesha model 130 LOBE PUMP, tray SHRINK-WRAPPER / BUNDLER.

  • WASH, CHILL, SANITIZE, pump in water, FLUME reclaim separation for FRESH-CUT fruits and vegetables APRIL 2020 - Lyco high-speed PARTICULATE COOLER, Open CHILLER FLUME wash flume with plate chiller, Mueller falling-film CHILLER plate chiller, Mueller PLATE CHILLER with freon refrigeration, flue WATER CHILLER TANK with reclam screen, riffle-board DESTONER-WASHER, Hycor Rotostrainer RSA2524 washwater reclaim reel, Key wash-water reclaim reel, Meyer Hydrowash WASH and CHILL FLUME for freshcut, Sweco 5 foot round vibrating dewatering screen, DEWATERING BELT inspection conveyor, Hydrosive / Hydrasieve, static screen water recovery sieve, vibrating DEWATERING SHAKER, DEWATERING BELT inspection conveyor, LARGE OPENING METAL DETECTOR, 4-inch STAINLESS STEEL food pump, 4 inch Cornell FOOD PUMP, 6 inch Cornell FOOD PUMP, 8-inch Cornell FOOD PUMP.
  • FOOD PROCESSING & PACKAGING equipment for HEALTHY productivity March 2020 - Lyco Vapor-Flow BLANCHER 8x5, Wolfking TSMG-850-200 meat MIXER-GRINDER, Brown 202 FINISHER, Cornell 8-inch FOOD PUMP, 14HP STEAM BOILER, Urschel Comitrol 1700 15HP, 450 gallon dual shaft double RIBBON BLENDER, barrel dumper / DRUM DUMPER, Lepel INDUCTION CAP SEALER, Urschel Comitrol Processor model 3600, Commercial Slicer model NS26 STRIP-CUTTER SHREDDER with 26 inch cutting disc, Cassel METAL DETECTOR with conveyor 20x11 opening, positive displacement PUMP FILLER, stainless steel BIN DUMPER for up to 48 x 48 pallet boxes, Canco 06 CAN SEAMER, Groen 200 gallon KETTLE with 100psi steam jacket and INA scrape-surface agitation, Key stainless steel Hi-Flo AIR CLEANER, Fortress METAL DETECTOR with shaker thru-conveyor, 8 station INSPECTION CONVEYOR belt, rotary CUP FILLER-SEALER .

  • PRE-CUT PRODUCE PACKING equipment for HEALTHY productivity March 2020 - Meyer DUMPER-HOPPER FEED-CONVEYOR system, Heinzen centrifugal SPIN DRYER, T.S. Designs Jr. Wash and Chill chiller/washer, Bock FP90 SPIN DRYER, 2-station BAG PACKING TABLE with scales and holders, Key Iso-Flo VIBRATING FEEDER, Lyco Hydrosieve SCREEN for liquid-solids separation wash-water recovery, Olney model 1 SHALLOT and RADISH TRIMMER, 6-inch Cornell FOOD PUMP 6NHPP-F16K,  Urschel G-A  DICER, Commercial Slicer model NS26  with 26 inch diameter cutting disc, 8-inch Cornell FOOD PUMP 8NHPP-F18K, stainless steel TOTE DUMPER / bin dumper for up to 48 inch wide pallet boxes, Urschel Comitrol 1700, Urschel Comitrol 3600, Alard 8-person INSPECTION CONVEYOR BELT, Cassel METAL DETECTOR with conveyor 20x11 opening, Fortress METAL DETECTOR with VIBRATORY THRU-CONVEYOR, Key AIR CLEANER 2xSS, Rotary CUP FILLER-SEALER.

  • IN-STOCK PRE-CUT PRODUCE PACKING EQUIPMENT February 2020  - DUAL Heinzen SD150 SPIN DRYERs, Heinzen SD300 SPIN DRYER, TURBULENT FLOW WASHER Bock North Star Engineered Products HW series Helical Wash System, Griffin Model 55 onion ring / tomato / pepper slicer, Brothers LeGrow SPIN DRYER, Francis Overall CARROT TIPPER-TAILER and length cutter, CMI slit and blow ONIONPEELER, elongated vegetable TIPPER-TAILER, elevating SCREW FEED CONVEYOR, food grade INSPECTION BELT 15x4, Magnuson 8-roll PEELER, 2 level inspection and packing conveyor, Urschel OV SLICER, Urschel H DICER, Meyer Hydrowash WASH AND CHILL FLUME with dewatering shaker, Urschel RA-A relish and salsa DICER, Fortress METAL DETECTOR with conveyor, Starr 4-roll PEELER-BRUSH-WASHER, 48 inch diameter round VIBRATORY DEWATERING SCREENER.

  • IN-STOCK Food Processing and Packaging Machines, February 2020 - Magnuson WSP-3086 8 roll continuous PEELER-WASHER-SCRUBBER, Urschel Model RA-A DICER, Lyco model 8900 ROTARY DRUM COOKER-COOLER, stainless steel 4200 gallon HORIZONTAL TANK, Vacuum MIXER with spiral agitator and planetery motion with column lift and extra bowl, 300 gallon MIX TANK, Fitzpatrick D6 COMMINUTOR, 40HP Rietz DISINTEGRATOR RA2-8-K122, Lagsenkamp model A easy adjust paddle pulper finisher, 60 cubic foot dual shaft double RIBBON BLENDER, Kapsall model E CAPPER, granular VOLUMETRIC FILLER, elevating screw conveyor 7x10, inspection belt conveyor 15x5, Urschel H DICER, Urschel OV SLICER, Starr PEELER-WASHER, stainless steel 48-inch round VIBRATING SCREEN, stainless steel Cassel METAL DETECTOR belt conveyor 18x7 opening, stainless steel Fortress Phamtom METAL DETECTOR with conveyor belt 40x6 opening.

  • A CORNICOPIA of Food Processing Equipment, November 2019 - Key air cleaner, hot water rotary blanchers, Lyco COOKER-COOLER, Lyco EASY-FLOW chiller, particulate cooler, column lifts, meat carts, food grade cooling flume, Z-conveyor, parts washer, FAM Dicer, Magnuson Shufflo step-feed cutter, Urschel dicers, Urschel Comitrols, Urschel slicers, dewatering shakers, drum unloader, Murzan suction wand, dumpers, bin dumpers, tote tumpers, box dumpers, barrel dumpers, dumper-hopper-feeder, vibrating feeders, CO2 FREZER, Praxair Coldfront JE-U4, food grade hammermills, shell and tube heat exchanger, hydrasieve dewatering screen, 1-level inspection conveyor, cooking kettles, metal detectors, paddle mixers, tumble mixer, abrasive peeler, brush washer, Lyco Raging Bull, Lyco pouch cooler, Cornell Food Pumps, Waukesha pumps, Spray Dynamics coating drum, seasoning reel, 2-stage soft flight, spiral-flow washer, helical washer.

  • FRESHCUT Process Equipment TREATS, October 2019 - DEWATERING SHAKER 6 feet long by 32 inches wide screen, Heinzen AB-100-2 AUTOMATIC DUAL SPIN DRYER system, Sormac ONION PEELER, CMI ONION PEELING LINE, 12 foot long by 24 inch wide INSPECTION BELT, 18 foot long 3-LEVEL INSPECTION CONVEYOR, Cornell 4-inch STAINLESS STEEL FOOD PUMP, refurbished URSCHEL model H-A DICER, Hycor Rotostrainer RSA2524 WATER RECOVERY REEL, Urschel fruit and vegetable SLICING MACHINE, 11 foot long by 2 foot wide DE-WATERING BELT, Hobart 80 quart BOWL MIXER, Willsie 24-roll BRUSH WASHER scrubber, Koch Intact vacuum OVERWRAPPER, Z-CONVEYOR, Fortress Phantom METAL DETECTOR with goose-neck INCLINE CONVEYOR belt, URSCHEL model CC-D SLICER dairy sanitary model.

  • Food Processing Equipment TREATS October 2019 -
    Groen CapKold cooker-cooler KETTLE 100 gallon with INA agitator, Spray Dynamics soft flight COATING DRUM, Praxair JE-U4 belt CO2 FREEZER, Olney GP FLOATATION WASHER, Single piston filler-DEPOSITOR, USDA sanitary hot water rotary BLANCHER 9x60, Cornell STAINLES STEEL FOOD PUMP, Koch  Intact vacuum SKIN PACKAGING MACHINE, 150 GALLON SELF-CONTAINED KETTLE gas-heated, Urschel H-A dicer, Urschel SLICER model GKS, Urschel OC crosscut ANGLE SLICER, Hobart 80 quart BOWL MIXER with lift, Z-CONVEYOR, Hycor Rotostrainer 2524 WATER RECOVERY REEL, DE-WATERING SHAKER screen, Fortress Phantom METAL DETECTOR with ELEVATING BELT conveyor, 300 gallon LIQUEFIER, URSCHEL CC-D slicer.

  • FRESHCUT EQUIPMENT, September 2019 -
    Magnuson onion peeler system, Lyco Raging Bull peeler-washer, 3-level coring table inspection conveyor, Urschel TRS-2000 slicer, Cassel large opening metal detector, Heat & Control BP batch peeler, four inch stainless steel food pumps, preservative dip tank, tote dumper, cabbage coring machine, large screw feeder, piston transfer pump, Z-shaped conveyor, plate chiller, rotary cabbage corer, Eriez metal detector with incline conveyor, Vanmark bin dumper, Eillert dicing machine.

    Lyco Raging Bull peeler-washer-scrubber, FPEC inline screw feeder, Vanmark box dumper, Urschel Translicer 2000, Silgan White Cap lug capper, Eillert dicer, stainless steel food pumps, Kayat tray-erector tray packer, Laitram belt steam blancher, piston transfer pump, Eriez 14x4 metal detector with elevating conveyor, new Cassel LARGE opening metal detector, bin dumper, Z-conveyor, Heat and Control batch peeler, falling film chiller, Nieco broiler N2500, Rietz extructor RE10.

  • HOT summer VALUES on Food Processing machines / FOOD PACKAGING machines, August 2019 - 24x3 opening metal detector with vibrating thru-conveyor, Brown model 2503 screw finisher juice extractor, Urschel Diversacut 2110 cutter, Cornell 10 inch food pump, Groen 60 gallon self-contained kettle with INA inclime scraper-agitator, Lyco Easy-Flow 3 zone, Fortress Phamtom metal detector with elevating conveyor, Urschel J9-A dicer, Urschel G dicer, Urschel Comitrol 3640 slant processor mill, Urschel model RA, Safeline metal detector with conveyor belt 8x4 opening, Murzan suction wand unloader, Rietz Bepex RE-15 extructor, Pease apple paring machine, metal detector with elevating conveyor belt 8x3 opening, Urschel Comitrol 1700 processor, Waukesha U-1 model 60 2.5 inch lobe pump, Geyer single piston filler-depositor. Introducing

  • HOT summer VALUES on COOL Fresh-Cut Produce Packing & Processing Equipment, August 2019 - Bag packing table single-station, Urschel Diversacut 2110 dicer, dewatering belt, immersion washer diop tank, Bock tomato-slicer-tray-filler, Brothers cabbage cutter, Key water recovery reel, Urschel J9-A dicer, Urschel G-A dicer, Lyco Easy-Flow 3 zone high-speed flash chiller, Urschel RA dicer, Pease four-cup apple peeler-corer, Key Iso-Flow vibrating feeder, Fortress Stealth metal detector with vibratory conveyor, Safeline metal detector with conveyor belt, open cooling flume with chill plates, Cornell 10 inch food pump, water flume chill tank with recovery reel, Hobart cutter-mixer HCM-300. Introducing

  • FOOD PROCESS & FOOD PACKING machines, June 2019 - Ilpra vacuum tray sealing machine, Ross vacuum tray sealer, Ohlson net-weigh bag filler FAM Mantis slicer-dicer-chopper, Rietz Bepex Extructor RE-15, Lyco Chill-Flow pouch cooler model 8700, Whallon magnetic Can Depalletizer, Stein Breader Batterer, Burt 704 labeler, Simplex AS-1 single piston filler, Femia super bean bar grader, Douglas rotary tote washer / lug washer, Doboy bag sealer, Urchel OV slicer, Hoja wet hopper-feeder, Urschel RA-A dicer, Vanmark 5-roll peeler-washer, Sullair screw air compressor, food process metal detectors.

  • PRE-CUT PRODUCE PROCESS and PACKAGING MACHINES, June 2019 - Urschel GRL french-fry cutting machine, Brothers spin dryer 200 lb capacity, APS FAS Sprint bag filler-sealer, four-roll abrasive peeler / brush washer, M-Tek Corr-Vac wide-seal-bar vacuum gas-flush bag sealing machine, food metal detector 31x12 opening with conveyor belt, Key Iso-Flo vibratory feeder / vibrating feed conveyor, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader / dewatering vibrator, Key Iso-Flo aligner-feeder, FMC vibrating feed conveyor, bin dumper / tote dumpere, Cornell six inch food pump with tank and drive, Vanmark peeler-washer 6 roll, Ilpra tray sealer, Ross tray sealer, Urschel RA-A dicer, Ohlson 2-lane linear scale with bag sealer, Urschel OV slicer, food process metal detectors.

  • FRESH-CUT PRODUCE PROCESS EQUIPMENT May 2019 - Kronen KUJ dicer demo video, Flott Model 2S25 onion peeler garlic peeler, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader, 8x2 inspection belt, Vanmark hydrolift destoner, Safeine metal detector 32x7, elevating feed conveyor with hopper, Key wastewater reclaim reel and tank, Sweco 5 foot diameter round separator, bin-dumper tote dumper FPEC, Alard single-station bag packing table with Packite 6000 bag sealer video demo, spray tunnel spray cooler, brush-washer-waxer, cauliflower cutter for florets, 75HP screw air compressor, vauum tray sealer with gas flush Orics VF100, slicer dicer chopper FAM Mantis, lug and tote washer Douglas RBW74, Urschel Sprint dicer, Urschel dicers, Urschel slicers, Urschel Comitroll processor mills.

  • FOOD PROCESSING & PACKAGING EQUIPMENT May 2019 - Mepaco 2,000 lb  industrial vacuum mixer-blender twin ribbon, Weiler 1612B block grinder, Rietz Extructor RE-15, Chester Jensen cooker-cooler Model X70-N30 300 gallon steam jacketed kettle, Vanmark Hydrolift destoner, automatic case-erector with bottom sealer, tumble washer dirt-reel, Safeline metal detector 32x7, Sweco screen 60 inch diameter, Safeline pipeline metal detector Urschel Comitrol 3600 with cutting head and screw feed, Cantrell 341B split nut blancher, 200 gallon liquefier, Waukesha pump model 130 twin lobe, bag packing table, Packrite 6000 band sealer, veritcal tank filter DE all stainless steel, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader, spray cooking tunnel, Urschel Diversacut Sprint, Urschel dicers, Urschel slicers, Urschel Comitroll processor mills.

  • FRESHCUT Food Machines February 2019 - Turatti dewatering belt / spray rinse conveyor / drying conveyor, Vanmark hydrlift destoner, two-station bag packing table, single station bag filling table, 200 pound stainless steel centrifugal spin dryer / salad spinner, Urschel model OV crosscut slicer, Urschel OC angled cross-cut slicer, Urschel GK flat or corrugated krinkle cut french fry cutter / dicer, Urschel H-A cube cutter / dicer /strip-cutter,  Urschel model GA dicing mahcine, Urschel large cube large dice cutting machine, Urschel GKS slab-slicer, Packrite 6000 continuous band bag sealer, Key Kso-Flo vibrating grader / even-feeder, Eriez magnetic vibratory feeder, cleated belt incline conveyor with hopper, Gaylord bin dumper for 40 by 48 inch totes, tote dumper for 48x48 inch bins.

  • FOOD EQUIPMENT February 2019 - Lyco easy-flow cooler, A.K. Robins belt steam blancher, Urschel OC angled-cross-cut slicere, Urschel H-A dicer, Vanmark Hydrolift, Waukesha pump model 130 Universal 2 series, Urschel G-A dicer, Urschel model H dicer, Urschel Comitrol 1700 processor microcut mill, cleated belt elevating conveyor with hopper infeed, Urschel GKS Slicer for slab cuts and sandwich cuts flat or crinkle slice, NBE barrel dumper, 500 gallon stainless steel tank, continuous band bag sealer, Key Iso-Flo vibratory dewatering shaker screen, vibrating feeder, bin dumper for 40x48 bins, tote dumper for 48x48 totes.

  • FRESH-CUT PRODUCE PROCESSING AND PACKAGING MACHINES, Year End 2018 - Z-type conveyor, gravity fall drop-thru metal detector 6 inch with reject valve, Weiler elevating screw feed conveyor, Z-shaped elevating belt conveyor, Key Iso-Flo vibrating aligner, 13x12 opening metal detector with conveyor belt Cassel Metalshark2, Urschel H-A cutter, Urschel G-K crinkle-cutter,72x15  rod-belt takeaway conveyor, 72x24 belt conveyor, Sandpiper diaphragm pump 3 inch stainless steel, CMI french fry strip cutter, rotary disc accumulaing tables, pumps, conveyors, food process metal detection specialists.

  • Food machinery for year-end 2018 🎄- Z-conveyors, in line powder dispersers, Tri-Clover Triblender, Quadrom Ytron, Urschel H-A dicer, FMC handpack filler, Waukesha 30 pump, Groen 40 gallon electric kettle, Cassel metal detector 13x12 opening with conveyor, Urschel GK crinkle cutter, Groen 30 gallon electric kettle, Wright TRA10 series pump, 6 foot by 2 foot belt conveyor, Lepel heat induction sealer, pipeline metal detector for 3 inch pipe, can seamer for number 10 cans, rod belt takeaway conveyor, 6 inch drop-through metal detector, Sandpiper 3 inch diaphragm pump.

  • Fresh-cut machines you may need 🍅 - Heinzen SD50 spin dryer, M-Tek Vacuum gas-flush bag sealer, M-Tek Mark-3 wide 60 inch sealbar bag-in-bin bag sealer, Urschel J9A diceer, Urschel W bean slicer, fresh tomato slicer / tray filler, large aperture metal detector with conveyor 26x17, stationary liquid-solids separator screen 24x30, Doboy bag sealer, Safeline gravity drop-thru metal detector, romaine topper-tailer; water unloader for bins and totes of apples, fruits, vegetables; flume water chiller, dewatering inspection conveyor, CMI onion peeler, 5 inch centrifugal pump, case erector with tape sealer, Star 4-roll brush-washer peeler.

  • Food machinery you may need 🍵 Cryovac 2045D VFFS, Ohlson Autobag stand-up bag filler-sealer, Brown 2503 Extractor, Urschel J9A dicer, Urschel W bean slicer, large opening 26x17 metal detector with conveyor, Lyco hydrasieve, Bridge SCA fryer freezer belt loading conveyor, Ross portable  high-shear agitator, twin ribbon blender, Doboy B450M continuous bag sealer, Safeline gravity metal detector, Goodnature hammermill grinder with pomace feeder pump, water bin unloader for apples and other floating fruit and vegetables, granular filling machine for 300 diameter cans, centrifuge separator for liquids separation, Angelus 50P seamer, can closing machine, Votator 6x72 scrape-surface heat exchanger, box erector with sealer,  Dixie can seamer, Waukesha 4-inch lobe pump.

  • General industrial Food Processing & Packaging Machines READY for Fall 2018 - Olney GP flotation washer destoner, Lyco pouch cooler, Spray Dynamics soft flight coating drum with dry spice and liquid applicators, Fitzpatrick Fitzmill DAS06, used Safeline conveyorized metal detector, three-conveyor-level inspection and grading table, fruit brush washer-waxer, Cassel Metalshark2 food metal detector with conveyor belt, Vanmark 24 inch diameter stainless steel Hydrolift destoner, Rietz RE10 Extructor grinder, Urschel model GA dicing machine, Rietz TL30 open screw steam blancher, Sweco screen 24 inch diameter round, High Speed Beltweigh XE checkweigher, piston transfer pump, roller inspection conveyor, Mueller falling film sanitary plate chiller, vacuum mixer-blender, 4200 gallon stainless steel tank, 4500 gallon stainless steel tank, Safeline pipeline metal detector, Kaps-All capping machine model E4, Nieco model N2500 automatic broiler, continuous flame broiler, food grade vacuum dewatering belt, PDC F200 tamper evident band applicator, elevating belt conveyor.

  • FRESH-CUT processing and packaging machines READY for Fall 2018 - 3-level coring-conveyor trim-line, fruit brush washer-waxer, metal detector with conveyor belt, Urschel G-A, Vanmark Hydrolift DESTONER, Safeline pipeline metal detector, Olney GP floatation washer, piston transfer pump, xfer pump, roller inspection conveyor, Mueller falling film chiller, Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed checkweigher, vacuum dewatering belt, APS FAS Sprint bagger with reseal zipper applicator, bag packing tables, M-Tek bag sealer, used Heinzen short order washer, turbulent flow greens washer, Heinzen SD50LT centrifugal spin dryer with plastic basket, Bock FP-90 spin dryers, Brothers spin dryer, Gimco high-capacity spin dryers, Urschel Model H dicing machine, Urschel H-A dicer, Urschel J9A dicer, strip cutter, greens chopper, Hydrosieve screen, static screen for water reclaim, 4 roll peeler, 4 roll brush washer, 6 roll Vanmark peeler, 6 roll Vanmark brush washer, fresh mushroom slicer, mushroom silouhette slicer, apple unloader dipo tank, pressure sensitive labeler for clamshell containers, vacuum potato cooler, hammermill, small juice press, Hobart cutter-mixer, food grade pumps, food grade stainless steel conveyors, food metal detection specialists.

  • Alard Equipment is YOUR RESOURCE for Food Processing and Packaging Equipment; when you need it right, right NOW...

  • July 2018 FOOD PROCESS METAL DETECTOR SPECIALISTS Alard Equipment Corp - Reconditioned and new metal detector systems IN-stock for immediate shipment. Belt transfer, pipe line / liquid metal detection equipment, gravity flow-through metal detectors, reject system to buyer specification. Makes in stock include Cassel, Safeline, Fortress, Lock, Loma, Goring Kerr, Eriez, Ceia, and Automated Detection Systems (ADS). Test wands and manuals included with all machines. Parts and support available. Food metal detectors in stock for fast shipment!

  • June 2018 GENERAL industrial food processing and packaging equipment - Kason Vibroscreen K30 new in stock for immediate shipment, Amfec 175 meat marinating vacuum tumbler, Urschel model M dicer, Ross Inpack Junior 10A vacuum cup sealer / tray sealer, tamper evident banding machine for shoulderless containers with heat tunnel, Urschel RAA salsa dicer / relish dicer, Brown pilot plant screw press, Magnuson onion peeler, Cornell 4 inch hydro transport food pump, Burt 704 labeling machine, Cornll 8 inch water flume food pump, food grade stainless steel tote dumpers, Vincent screw press 12 inch, tray palletizing machine, Lyco blancher 48x8, KapsAll capper, Forsberg 8400x60 screen separator for dry beans, rotary drum strainer for solids separation water reclaim, Goring Kerr 16x7 metal detector with belt conveyor, Fortress 20x7 metal detector with conveyor, Goring Kerr 24x4 metal detector with pull-back reject conveyor, Angelus 60L can seamer, Sellers 60 hp gas-fired BOILER 150psi, wet hopper-feeder dip tank.

  • June 2018 FRESHCUT -pre-cut produce process and packaging equipment - G-K 16x7 conveyorized metal detector, Fortress 20x7 conveyorized metal detector, Kason 30 inch round vibrating screen, Urschel M dicer, Hycor Rotostrainer 25x84 water reclaim reel, Cornell 8 inch food pump flume kit, stainless steel bin dumpers for 40x48 and 48x48 bins, vacuum gas-flush tray sealing machine, Heinzen auto back spin dryer system;  Urschel dicing machine for relish, salsa, fine dices Urschel Comitrol 3600, PDC F200 tamper evident bander with Axon EZ-48 heat shrink tunnel, 4 inch hydro transport food pump, Brothers spin dryer 200 lb capacity, Magnuson onion peeler system, inspection and sorting conveyor, wet hopper-feeder dip tank, celery-stick cutter / carrot stick cutter.

  • May 2018 GENERAL LISTINGS of food process and packaging machines-  Sormac onion peeling line, inspection/ trimming / sorting conveyors, liquefier, Lyco model 8900 cooker-cooler, Chester Jensen X70N30 300 gallon steam jacketed kettle, Fitzpatrick DAS06, 150 gallon gas-fired kettle, optical color sorter, Fortress Phantom 40x9 conveyorized metal detector, vacuum steam capper, 125 gallon single motion kettle, Dunkley model E cherry pitter, flattop chain conveyor, Masosine pump, injet container coder, 4 inch food pump, case taping machine, Starr 4 roll peelwer-washer, vacuum stuffer with linker and hangar, Kerian Speed-Sizer stainless steel, 6 inch food pump flume kit, 28 piston filler, Langsenkamp finisher.

  • May 2018 FRESHCUT food processing and packaging machines -
    Sormac onion peeling line, Kerian size grader, vacuum filling machine, sine pump, hydro transport food pumps, Starr peeler, Sormac knife peeler, case taper, inkjet container coder, Dunkley cherry pitter, lettuce shredder / cole slaw cutter, dewatering conveyor, Cornell 10 inch food pump, dip / wash tank, rotary cabbage coring machine, hobart horizontal cutter-mixer, Lock 7x8  metal detector with conveyor belt, bag packing table, Loma pipeline metal detector, inspection conveyors.

  • April 2018 FRESH-CUT produce processing and packaging equipment - Heinzen auto back spin dryer, Urschel RAA, Combi Case erector, Combi Case sealer, CMI onion peeling machine, Olney shallot trimmer small onion trimming machine, Dunkley optical color sorter for cherries and similar, Dunkley takeaway conveyor, Key Iso-Flo vibrting shaker grader, Key Iso-Flo dewatering shaker, Edlund 625 can opener, Z-shaped bucket elevator, rotary cabbage coring machine / continuous cabbage corer, Heat & Control BP36 large-diameter abrasive batch peeler, Lock metal detector, Cassel metal detector, 2-level trim table inspection belt, 2 station bag filling table, Heinzen hopper-feeder, food grade belt conveyor, 3-level triming and coring line inspection conveyor.

  • APRIL 2018 - GENERAL food processing and food packaging equipment items - Groen 80 gallon self-contained electric kettle with scraper-agitator, Vulcan 150 gallon self-contaned gas  kettle, Urschel RA-A, Modern Packaging SR8 Rotary Cup Filller, Quadro Ytron XC in-line Powder Disperser, Gear Pump filler, Walker 300 gallon Liquefier, Dunkley cherry pitter, Dunkley takeaway conveyor,  Dunkley Optical Color Sorter, Combi case erector, Combi case sealer, Key Iso-Flo vibrting shaker grader, Fitzpatrick Fitzmill DAS06, Edlund 625 can opener, Lock metal detector, Cassel metal detector, Langsenkamp model A paddle pulper finisher, Olney shallont trimmer / radish trimmer, CMI onion peeler, Key Iso-Flo dewatering shaker, Intact vacuum skin packaging machine, Heat & Control BP36 batch peeler, Safeline pipeline metal detector, Z-shaped bucket elevator, rotary cabbage coring machine / continuous cabbage corer.

  • March 2018 - Spring Cleaning?
    Clean it up, clear it out, cash it in! Alard wants to BUY the food process and packaging equipment you're no longer using.

  • FEBRUARY 2018 pre-cut produce packaging and processing machines
    Urschel GRL french-fry strip-cutter, Heinzen auto-batch centrifugal spin dryer system, inspection conveyor / trimming & coring line, CMI onion peeler, demo video of Urschel RA-A dicer cutting home fries, demo video Olney shallot trimmer / radish trimmer, Eillert model BL1000 dicer, Fitzpatrick DKAS012 mill, used Ceia 316 stainless steel food metal detector with conveyor 14x5, vacuum gas-flush cup & tray sealer, Alard bin dumpers / tote dumpers, G-K food grade metal detector  with new conveyor 6x20, elevating belt conveyor, elevating screw feeder with hopper, tumble washer / dewatering reel, Urschel Comitrol processor model 1500, Urschel model 3600 Comitrol processor, Simplex AS1 single piston filler, food process metal detector with retracting belt reject conveyor 27x7, Alard 2-station bag filler table with scales and bag holders.

  • FEBRUARY 2018 GENERAL food processing and packaging machinery -
     Breddo Likwifier , 1000 gallon jacketed insulated oil tanks, metal detector with retracting nose reject conveyor, CMI onion peeler, tumble washer / dewatering drum, 2-level inspection conveyor, Waukesha 130 pump, Urschel GRL french fry strip cutter, KapsAll model E CAPPER, 200 gallon liquid tote tanks, Praxair cryogenic spiral freezer, Lyco mid-sized bean snipper, Alard food grade stainless steel bin dumpers, Orics model VGF tray sealer, Scott Turbon HR mixer-emulsifier high shear agitator, Eillert dicer, Fitzpatrick Model DKAS012, food grade stainless steel elevating belt conveyor, Shrink Bundler, bulk can depalletizer, hopper screw feeder, Simplex AS1 countertop piston filler.

  • We'll BUY OR TRADE for YOUR IDLE SURPLUS equipment - Product canceled? Change of plans? How can you recover YOUR production equipment  investment? ALARD will BUY, or TRADE for, YOUR idle surplus equipment. Turn your idle food process and packaging equipment assets into working capital, or trade for productive equipment.

  • DECEMBER 2017 GENERAL food processing and packaging machines:
    Kronen dicer, Quadro Ytron XC inline powder sisperser high-shear mixer, Cassel Metalshark2 belt transfer metal detector 18x9,, 300 gallon liquifier 30HP, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader 4x9, Kerian Speed Sizer LS30 stainless steel with takeaway conveyor, Fitzpatrick FASO-20 mill, Lyco rotary drum cooker cooler 12 foot blanch 8 foot cool, Key Iso Flo Vibratory aligner feed conveyor, Caseweigher checkweigher, Ceia belt transfer metal detector  14x5, Goring Kerr DSP2 conveyorized metal detector, Silverson Model 400LS shear pump, Waukasha U30 pump, White Cap VE steam capper, Angelus 60L can seamer, Waukesha 60 pump, Waukesha model 006 pump, FAM Mantis slicer, Lee 150 gallon steam jacketed kettle with scrape-surface agitator, Axon tamper evident bander with heat shrink tunnel.

  • DECEMBER 2017 FRESHCUT processing and packaging equipment:
    Eillert dicer, Kronen dicer, 30 inch rotary accumulation table, Cassel Metalshark2 belt transfer metal detector 18x9, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader 4x9, Kerian Speed Sizer LS30 stainless steel with takeaway conveyor, Caseweigher checkweigher, Ceia belt transfer metal detector  14x5, Goring Kerr DSP2 conveyorized metal detector  20x6, Urschel GRL, Urschel VSC, Urschel Comitrol 1500, Urschel Comitrol 3600, Z-shaped feed conveyor, Urschel OC slicer, falling film six-plate chiller, 2 hole bag table.

  • SEPTEMBER 2017 FRESH-CUT processing and packaging Equipment
    FAM Mantis slicer, strip-cutter, Kronen Model KUJ dicer, Ipra speed vacuum-gas-flush TRAY SEALER, 48 inch diameter vibrating screen, retracing belt metal detector  with 27x7 opening, 48 inch diameter rotary accumulation table, Hycor Rotostrainer, conveyorized metal detector 18x7 opening, Vanmark 6 roll brush washer / scrubber, CMI onion peeler, M-Tek Mark I vacuum bag sealer, case checkweigher, pipeline metal detector, metal detector with elevating conveyor 14x4 opening, Key Iso-Flo dewatering shaker screen, metal detector with conveyor belt 20x6 opening, Z-shaped elevating feed convyeor with cleated belt 16 foot long by 15 inches wide, Urschel OC crosscut bias slicer, sanitary plaste chiller, 2-pocket bag filling table, drop-through metal detector, CVP A300 vacuum gas-flush bag sealer.

  • SEPTEMBER 2017 General Food Processing and Packaging Equipment
    Lyco rotary drum cooker-coolers, hot water rotary blanchers, Urschel OC, Z-shaped conveyor, Urschel Comitrol 3600, FAM Mantis slicer, rotary accumulating table, 48 inch vibrating separator screen, retracting-belt-reject metal detector (27x7), CRCO juice extractor, conveyorized metal detector (18x7), Key Iso-Flo Vibrating dewatering shaker, Kaps All Model E capper, Angelus 60L can seamer, Urschel Translicer, VAnmark 6 roll peeler-washer, 150 gallon Liquifier, CMI onion slicer, Lee 150 gallon steam jackted kettle with INA incline agitator, case checkweigher, 3 inch pipeline metal detector, Whallon case palletizer for cans in trays, metal detector with elevating conveyor (14x4), conveyorized metal detector (20x6), tortilla production line.

  • JULY 2017 FRESHCUT produce processing and packing machines
    Lyco Bull Junior Model 8000E 8 roll peeler-washer, Kronen KUJ cutting machine, LYCO mid-size bean snipper, Urschel GRL french fry strip cutter, elevating screw conveyor, Fortress Phantom 26x9 metal detector, Quincy screw air compressor 50HP, Eriez metal detector 14x4 with elevating conveyor, FAM Mantis slicer-dicer, Robins Drago destoner, hopper-feeder, combination metal detector  checkweigher, Brown 2503 juice extractor, LOMA IQ3 metal detector  14x3, Urschel model VSC wedge cutter / slab cutter / stick cutter.

  • JULY 2017 Revolutionary value in food processing and packaging machines
    Urschel GRL french fry strip cutter, Lyco Bull Junior Model 8000E 8 roll peeler-washer, White Cap steam injection capping machine, FAM Mantis slicer-dicer, Bullseye tray wrapper with heat shrink tunnel, stainless steel inspection conveyor / grading table, LYCO mid-size bean snipper, inline bottle filler, Fitzpatrick hammermill DAS-06, Kronen KUJ cutting machine, elevating screw conveyor, Brown 2503 juice extractor,  Fortress Phantom 26x9 metal detector, Eriez metal detector 14x4 with elevating conveyor, Spray Dynamics coating drum, Quincy screw air compressor 50HP, Axon bander for tamper evident cap sealing, 10HP high shear mixer with 150 gallon mix tank, Robins Drago destoner, hopper-feeder, combination metal detector  checkweigher, bag filling table, Angelus 60L can seamer, Urschel J dicer, Tortilla production line.

  • MAY 2017 FRESHCUT Processing & Packaging Equipment
    Combination metal detector & checkweither, CMI Onion Peeler, Fortress metal detector w/conveyor 26x11,
    Fortress metal detector w/conveyor 40x6, 3-lane linear scale, 45 quart mixer-cutter, metal detector with conveyor 3x8 opening, metal detector with conveyor 14x8 opening, Fitzmill DAS06, Liquid Nitrogen injector-doser, Trough-belt conveyor, accumulating / feeder disk, bag filing table, shaker-grader, water recovery screen, Yamato radial combination weigher, Vibrating dewatering shaker, Cornell food pump.

  • MAY 2017 General Food Process & Packaging Machines
    Yamato 14 bucket radial combination scale, Hughes blancher 16x48, Durable case erector, Fortress METAL DETECTOR  26x11, Atlas Pacific granular particulate filler 20 pocket, Hobart HCM450 cutter-mixer, Langsenkamp lab pulper, Thermo G-K DSP3 metal detector 14x8, ADS metal detector 8x3, Cornell 6 inch food pump, Waukesha 130 lobe pump, Fitzpatrick DAS06 hammermill, Safeline Mettler Toledo combination metal detector checkweigher, CMI onion peeler, CO2 IQF freezer, Key dewatering shaker, Nitrodose nitrogen gas injector doser, 700 gallon mix tank with Ligntnin agitator, accumulation disk, rabbit-ear conveyor, Key Iso-Flo shaker-grader, Hydrosieve screen screw air compressor, high-speed case erector, Tortilla Line.

  • APRIL 2017 FRESHCUT PRODUCE PROCESSING & Packaging Equipment
    Open Chill Flume, Pipeline metal detector, Kronen length / increment cutter, FPEC auger bottom hopper, New Inspection Conveyors, metal detector with belt conveyor with accumulating disk and 14x6 opening, Olney dewatering shaker, Brothers slicer, CVP A300 bag sealer, 4 roll peeler, Mueller 6 plate chiller, Cornell 10 inch hydro FOOD PUMP, Rotary dip tank, Lock metal detector, Ilpra Tray Sealer, dewatering belt, Robins tumble washer.

  • APRIL 2017 General Food Processing & Packaging Equipment
    New Cassel very large aperture metal detector , Angelus 60L can closing machine, inspection conveyor, auguer bottom hopper, 600 gallon tanks, metal detector with accumulating disk dewatering shaker, three lane linear scale, CVP A300 bag sealer, Lock HDS metal detector, Hobart HCM300 cutter-mixer,  lug/tote washer, tumble wash reel, 4 roll peeler, falling film plate chiller, vertical opening metal detector, LeGrow cabbage cutter, Cornell 10 inch food pump, 16x4 belt transfer metal detector, heat and hold belt steam blancher, hydrostatic belt steam blancher, tray sealing machine, 8x3 belt transfer metal detector, pipeline metal detectors.

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