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24 inches wide by 9 feet 6 inches long, with all rigidized / non-stick dimpled surfaces; all stainless steel.

Consists of a 24 inch wide by 30 inch long solid infeed section, which leads to a 24 inch wide by 60 inch long screen area, leading finally to an angled discharge section which allows the flexibility for feeding onto a 90-degree cross-conveyor, or for straight through discharge. This discharge section is 30y2490c_crop_email.jpg inches long at the right-hand edge of the conveyor, and 6 inches long at the left hand edge.

Underside collection pan (also rigidized / dimpled surface) for grading or dewatering with 6" center bottom outlet. Includes legs (not installed in pictures) configured for a 30 inch infeed height and 27 inch discharge height.

Configured with quick-release hooks for two 30 inch long screens with a 1/2 inch step from one to the next. Came in / is currently without screens, and is offered withOUT screens; OR can be configured with two tri-rod screens per original Key factory setup; --OR can be set up with a single screen without a step: per buyer preference.

All food grade stainless steel construction, with all surfaces other than the conveyor sides of rigidized non-stick dimpled surfaces. New style Key eccentric with 3 phase motor to be wound to buyer voltage specification.

As of this writeup, this Key ISO-FLO vibrating shaker-grader is in stock at Alard, in good condition, and available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2490

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