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April 2015 Archives


y2581l_crop_email.jpg500 GALLON T316 stainless steel STEAM JACKETED KETTLE with DOUBLE MOTION scrape-surface agitation...

...Groen Model NEM500 agitated kettle, all corrosion-resistant 316T stainless steel product contacts,all food grade sanitary stainless steel construction.

A 59 inch diameter by 53 inch deep 316T stainless steel hemispherical bottom, open topped vessel, with a 3 inch center bottom outlet, with sanitary ball valve with Triclamp connection. Steam jacketed, manufactuer tagged, U-stamped, and National Board coded for 100psi working pressure.

Stainless steel bridge with double motion scraper-agitator,y2581o_crop_email.jpg with side and bottom scraper with paddles, outside a counter-rotating dual prop center agitator, powered by a 5HP 208/230 volt 3 phase drive motor.

As of this writing, this 500 gallon 316 stainless steel mixer kettle / cooking kettle is in stock at Alard, needing basic cleanup and recommissioning service, but a very clean, good condition kettle, available for timely service and shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2581


y2474a_crop_email.jpg700 GALLON VERTICAL STAINLESS STEEL TANK...

...A 53 inch diameter by 72 inch deep single wall stainless steel vessel with straight sides and a sloped bottom with a 3 inch side bottom outlet with Tri-clamp connector.

DOME TOP with a 20 inch diameter manway with hinged locking cover, and 2-inch and 3 inch Triclamp top inlets. Also has a 3 inch bottom side outlet with Triclamp connector, and a 4" overflow pipe which also discharges from the bottom (no connector).

Sits on (4) stainless steel legs with adjustable feet, which provide (as currenlty configured) for an 8' infeed height and a 19 inch discharge height from the lowest outlet.

As of this writing, ths food grade stainless steel tank is in stock at Alard, needing cleanup, but otherwise in VERY good condition and available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2474


y2277e_crop_email.jpg700 GALLON VERTICAL STAINLESS STEEL TANK...

...a 60 inch diameter by 56 inch deep single wall stainless steel vessel with straight sides and a sloped bottom, wiht a 2.5 inch side bottom drain outlet with threaded connection, and an additional 2 inch side outlet with a Triclamp fitting a couple inches above the bottom.

Topped by a stainless steel bridge with mulitple inlets, and two-piece lift off cover. Complete with side mount for a Lightnin type mixer-agitator (not included, but if you need one ask your Alard Sales Representative to quote one).

Available as-is on corroded steel legs, or we can replace with new painted steel OR stainless steel legs per buyer preference.

As of this writing, this food grade stainless steel liquid storage / mix tank is in stock at Alard, in good condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #Y2277


y2315q_crop_email.jpgLee 300 GALLON stainless steel STEAM JACKETED KETTLE with double-motion SCRAPE-SURFACE AGITATION.

55 inch diameter by 32 inch deep hemispherical bottom stainless steel vessel with 2 inch center bottom outlet with threaded connector, with lever-actuated plug valve. The bottom two thirds (or so) of the vessel are surrounded by a stainless steel steam jacket manufacturer tagged and U-stamped for 40psi steam pressure.

Wth all food grade stainless steel product contacts, this stainless steel kettle is topped by a stainless steel mixer bridge, with a double-motion TILT OUT SCRAPER-AGITATOR, with ay2315zc_crop_email.jpg UHMW plastic scraper blade agitator outside a counterrotating paddle agitator (see pictures).

This kettle is mounted on a painted steel frame for a 64.5 inch infeed height, and 22 inch discharge height. Topped by a two-piece removable hinged cover. Complete with a 5HP 208/230/460 volt mechanical variable speed agitator drive.

AS of this writing this 300 gallon kettle with scraper-agitator is in stock in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2315


y2694_crop_email.jpgVOLUMETRIC PARTICULATE FILLER, 20 pocket automatic rotary filling machine, set for 300 diameter cans / 3"diameter jars or cups.

Atlas Pacific volumetric cup filling machine for filling free-falling solids and particulates into rigid and semi-rigid self-supporting containers. Each of the20 filling stations is a 2" diameter telescopic cup, and the volumetric cupsy2694a_crop_email.jpg are crank adjustable from 2.5 to 4 inches deep.

Indexing worm infeed with 2-chain feed conveyor, container handling parts for 3 inch diameter containers (e.g. 300 diameter cans). Powered leveling brush sweeps filled pockets even. Discharge conveyor stub with idler for table-top chain.

All food grade stainless steel construction granular food product filler, with stainless steel shrouded 3 phase motors (one for brush drive, one for main drive). Previously used in a USDA inspected plant for adding a portion control fill of a meat pieces ingredient ("fatback") to cans of baked beans (for pork and beans), but also ideal for filling particulate and granular vegetable products such as corn, peas, beans, legumes, mixed / diced vegetables, etc.

As of this writing, this volumetric granular vegetable filler is IN stock at Alard, in very good condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2694


y2076a_crop_email.jpgHIGH SHEAR MIXER / EMULSIFIER / DISPERSER, Scott Turbon mixer head #3A...

...manufacturer recommended for power dispersions, dissolutions, and thin oil emulsions. For emulsifying, hydrating, dissolving, deagglomerating, and general high-shear agitation.

A top mounted high-shear blender with a 29 inch long shaft from the mounting base to the end nut on the mixing head. All food grade stainless steel, with T316L or 17-4 ph stainless steel wetted parts.

Presently configured with a hydraulic direct drive motor, which could be replaced with an electric direct drive motor (ask your Alard Sales representative for pricing).

As of this writing, this shear mixer-agitator is in stock at Alard, in good condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2076



y2679a_crop_email.jpgPilot plant juice evaporator, with essence recovery, with two separate operations combined for evaporation and distillation. The evaporator is a falling film version of a Long Tube Vertical evaporator (LTV).

Liquid (juice) is fed at the top of the tubes and flows down the walls as a film. Vapor-liquid separation takes place at the bottom with an external separator doing final separation. The tubes are gasketed to form two separate flow channels; inner and outer tubes, this allows the juice concentrator to be run as single or double pass unit. In the double pass unit a reciruclation pump is used to pump the liquid back to the top of the evaporator. Becuase of the low pressure drop through the tubes the boiling liquid temperature is very close to that of the vapor-head temperature. The evaporator is operated under vacuum and is heated by steam on the shell side.

The evaporator feed is pumped from a feed tank and preheated by a steam jacketedshell and tube heat exchanger. All flows are manually controlled with rotometers while jacket temperatures on the preheater and evaporator are on automatic controllers. The external separator has a glass shell, so vapor can be observed flowing to the essence column. The concentrate discharge of the evaporator is cooled through a plate and frame heat exchnager before being drummed.

The essence recovery system consists of a distillation column and a vapor scrubbing system. The column is a ten plate bubble caps design. The vapor feed line from the evaporator enters the column at the second plate from the bottom. Flanges are located at each tray providing a means to add liquid feed to any desired tray in the column. A water cooled shell and tube condenser is used for the column overheads.

Incondensables from the primary condenser are run through a secondary condenser to capture any additional essence componets. From the secondary condenser the steam passes through a liquid ring vacuum pump. The vacuum pump utilizes cold essence as the sealing fluid. The discharge of the pump passes through a knock-out chamber with the vapor portion going to a glycol cooled scrubber. The scrubbing liquor used is column essence from the primary condenser, which has been cooled further by glycol jacketed heat-exchanger.

The column is heated primarily by the vapor feed from the evaporator. Additional heat is provided by a coil in the bottom to which is piped the steam condensate from the preheater and evaporator. The reboiler level control is an overflow weir design.

Both the evaporator and essence recovery systems are sized to be run continuously as a single operation. Food grade construction, with all stainless steel product contacts / wetted surfaces; stainless steel support frame.

  • Operating methods: Aroma recovery 1- effect, Concetration 1 - effect.
  • Product input up to 80 gal/hr (300 liters).
  • Water evaporation up to 308 lb/hr (140kg).Steam consumption up to 375 lb/hr
  • (170kg).
  • Freshwater consumption 925 gallons/hr at 59 deg Fahrenheight (3.5 cubic
  • meters/hr at 15 degrees Celsius).
  • Electrical energy connection value 5.3 kW; electrical energy consumption 4.3 kW.
  • Layout chiller: Refrigeration capacity 7970 BTU/hr (2000 kcal/hr).
  • Glycol-recycling 264 gallons/hr (1000 liters).
  • Temperature in/out 37.5/33.8 degrees Fahrenheit (3/1 degrees Celsius).
  • Electric 460 volt, 3 phase, 60hz.
  • Overall dimensions 7'2.625"L x 3'11.25"D x 18'10.375"H.

Includes manuals, documentation, and owner is willing to provide (at a cost) recommissioning support and operational training..

As of this writing this continuous juice evaporation system is installed and operational in a product development / test laboratory, and is offered for demonstration and sale in anticipation of removal; --subject to prior sales and owner's confirmation.

Alard item refernece #Y2679


y2410k_crop_email.jpg3 BASKET VERTICAL RETORT...

...42 inch diameter by 79 inches deep, with 6-lug lid hinged and counterweighted. Heavy duty steel construction by A.K. Robins. Not tagged for working pressure, suitable for low pressure operation. Last ran as a batch can sterilizer at 14 psi.

As of this writing, this batch sterilization vertical still retort / autoclave is in stock at Alard in good condition, available for timely shipment.
Alard item refrence #:Y2410


y2633b_crop_email.jpgURSCHEL QUANTICUT DICER.

A high-capacity, precision cutter for dices, slices, strip cuts, and crinkle cuts, on a wide range of food products, including sweet potatoes, yams, onions, carrots, peppers, celery, pineapple, beets, turnips, rutabagas, and a wide variety of other fruits, vegetables, and preformed meats.

Presently set with cutting parts for 3/8" cubes. Manufacturer rated to accept products up to 10 inches (254mm) in any dimension (with appropriate parts) for straight-cut slice thickness from 1/16" to 1 1/8" (1.6 to 28.6 mm), crinkle slice thickness 1/8 to 1" (3.2 to 25.4 mm), circular knife cuts from 5/32" to 3" (4.0 to 76.2 mm), and crosscut knife cuts of 1./8" to 2 5/8" (3.2 to 66.7 mm), at up to 40,000 lbs per hour (depending on product and cut).

Large product infeed allows for whole products toy2633n_crop_email.jpg be fed to the cutter without pre-cutting, such as sweet potatoes and yams. An industrial cutter with extremely high capacity output for uniform slicing, dicing, and strip cutting of food products.

All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction. Configured with a hopper infeed and low-level discharge chute, 7.5 HP 3 phase variable frequency drive. Complete with factory operator control panel, with safety interlock system.

As of this writing, this Urschel Q / Quanticut cutter is in stock at Alard, in very good operational condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2633