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Dixie Canner Model UD-AL CAN SEAMER, Y3047



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The Dixie Model UD-AL HEAVY DUTY SEAMER is a versatile semiautomatic double-seaming can closing machine for hermeticaly sealing metal ids onto round, rigid containers of various sizes, types, and styles. Manufacturer literature specifies tops or ends may be steel, tin, or aluminum, while container bodies may be meatl, plastic, or composite.

  • Manufacturer specified can size range from 2 inch diameter to 6.25 inch diameter up to 7 inches tall; --with needed change parts.

  • Manufacturer rated for up to 20 cans per minute, depending on can size and operator dexterity.

  • Comes with change parts installed for 603 x 600 cans (603 diameter by 600 high), other change parts are available for other can sizes; --call us at 315-589-4511 with your can size specification!

  • Existing gas flush setup included.

  • On casters for portability.

  • Integral operator on / off / activation controls.

  • 110 volt single phase electrical input (standard household current) to .75 HP drive.

  • Requires 80 psi compressed air to power pneumatic can lift mechanism.

As of this writing, this direct drive air lift Dixie double seamer is in stock at Alard, in LIKE NEW operation, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and cosmetic condition; available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y3047

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