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Granular and particulate food WEIGH FILLER, Y0738



Triple lane auto weigher linear weigher, net-weigh filling machine for granular and particulate food products, with vibratory bulk and dribble feed for speed and accuracy in filling by weight...



  • NEW electronic control system with...
    •  GSE / Weightronix model 663 Process Controller programmable system  control panel, with touch pad controller and LCD display.
    • New Syntron vibratory feed controllers.
    • The operator controls and the vibrating controllers are each in gasketed stainless steel control boxes.

  • 33 inch wide by 15 inch long stainless steel top infeed hopper, tapering to three separate discharges with adjustable gates to feed each lane.

  • Hopper feeds first stage vibrating even-feed pans to vibratory bulk and  dribble pans, to weigh cells, to discharge chute.

  • Weigh buckets are 1 quart volume.

  • Weigh cells manufacturer rated for .5 ounce to 10 lb fills.

  • Single outlet stainless steel discharge chute with 4" diameter spout.

  •  A food grade stainless steel scaling system for particulate and granular food products.

  • An all stainless steel weigher on a painted steel base
  • The scale is mounted on a tubular stainless steel support frame, set for an 8 foot 1 inch infeed height, and 33.5 inch discharge height on leveling foot pads.

  • Currently configured for semiautomatic, foot-switch activation.

As of this writing, this multi-lane weigher is in stock at Alard, in LIKE NEW condition, available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y0738

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