A running list of things we've acquired or found available for sale by Alard Equipment Corporation; used food processing and packaging equipment.

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Cassel METAL DETECTORs in stock NEW at Alard.

Cassel Food Grade
IN stock NEW
for FAST shipment...


  • New and Refurbished IN stock for immediate shipment.

  • BELT transfer, PIPEline, gravity-fall / drop-thru configurations all in stock.

  • REJECT systems to buyer specification: Belt-Stop-Alarm, Push-Off, Blow-Off, Valve, Pull-Back, Reject Beacon, Locking Bin for rejected products.

  • Network connectivity / reporting available.

  • Test wands, manuals included / available.

CALL 315-589-4511
to confirm availability,
and to discuss your product inspection / metal detection needs.

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