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Chester Jensen cooker-cooler, 300 gallon, X70N30, item Y3593


y3593c_crop_email.jpgA Chester Jensen Model X70N30 Cooker-Cooler; --an insulated steam jacketed 300 gallon cooking and cooling kettle with conical bottom, for efficient processing of any pumpable food product requiring heating, cooling, browning, braising and more...


  • 84 inch diameter by 40 inch deep, 30 degree cone bottom vessel, which provides high surface-to-product volume.

  • Manufacturer tagged for 100 psi and National Board Coded.

  • Fully insulated and steam jacketed side walls and bottom.

  • Two (2) 2 inch Tri-clamp top inlet ports.

  • Two (2) 1.5 inch Tri-clamp top sensor ports.

  • 4 inch Tri-clamp off-center bottom discharge with pneumatic valve plug.

  • All stainless steel construction including support legs.

  • Hinged, and removable, half-moon lid with lifting handles.

  • Stainless steel agitator support bridge.

Typical applications include cream & fruit based pie fillings, custards, pie & cake batter, icings, caramels, nougats. fondants, syrups, confectionary toppings, fudge, puddings, pastry fillings, soups, gravies, stews, chili, taco & meat pie fillings and all pump-able food products.

As of this writing, this CJ cooker-cooler X70N30 is in stock at Alard in good condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss the details of your particular food processing equipment needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y3593

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