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Forsberg 8400 dry bean SCREEN SEPARATOR / AIR CLEANER, Y3603



A Forsberg's Model 8400 x 60 Screen-Aire Type Seperator with a positive eccentric; a high-speed, vibrating screener manufacturer recommended for accurate, high capacity and high quality seperation specifically for the dry bean industry...


  • Dual deck with easily changeable screens:
    • Woven wire screens measure 60 inch wide by 84 inch long.
    • Top screen has 1 inch clear openings with ball cleaner system to prevent blinding.
    • Lower screen has 3/16 inch clear openings.

  • Series 8400 standard four-bearing design and isolation mounts.
    • By incorporating outboard bearings mounted on an isolation mount and inboard bearings mounted on screener body, a positive eccentric motion is achieved regardless of load on the screen.
    • Outboard bearing isolation mounts, combined with the unique balancing system, make the frame virtually vibration free.
    • Screen support grid requires no hold-downs, thus allowing each screen to be easily changed.

  • This Forsberg screen separator is bolted to a heavy duty tubular support riser frame.
    • Approximate 12 foot infeed height.
    • Approximate 5 foot discharge height.

  • Three (3) discharge design with manually adjustable negative air louvers, to adjust air flow.
    • Coned bottom pan for discharge of fines.
    • End discharge for usable product.
    • Side discharge for larger debris.

  • 7.5 HP Oneida Air Systems cyclone-powered negative air system.

  • Underside mounted vibratory / eccentric 3 HP drive motor.

  • All painted stainless steel construction.

  • 230/460 volt 3 phase electrical inputs.

As of this writing, this DRY BEAN SCREEN SEPARATOR / AIR CLEANER is in stock at ALARD, in GOOD condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular dry bean processing equipment needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y3603

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