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Tri-Clover TRI-BLENDER, DTL Blender, inline high-shear liquid-powder mixer, Y3854



The Triclover Tri-Blender, now also known as the Waukesha Cherry Burrell DTL BLENDER (since Tri-Clover was purchased by SPX) are manufacturer recommended for thoroughly & efficiently blending dry ingredients and liquids, or for blending two liquids into a homogenous liquid, while minimizing air introduction; in a variety of blending applications including food, beverage, dairy, chemical & pharmaceutical process production.

APPLICATIONS per manufacturer literature:

  • Blending Stabilizers - such as with fresh milk, liquid eggs, ice cream mix

  • Blending Liquid Syrup - such as with raw sugar or water

  • Blending Food Products - such as whey and water, powdered eggs to liquid, liquid syrup with liquid eggs and flavorings

  • Blending Chemical Products - such as sodium silicoaluminate, film solution, irium, fertilizer


    • Manufacturer rated for absorbing dry powders into liquids at a rate of up 100 lbs (45 kg) per minute.

    • INLINE powder mixer / high-shear pump for continuous operation, with uniform material absorption.

    • 24 inch diameter by 22 inch deep cone hopper with cover & 3 inch manually actuated butterfly valve.

    • 1.5 inch liquid indeed with valve.

    • y3854x_crop_email.jpg4 inch by 4 inch vortex high-shear mixing chamber.

    • 7 5/8 inch impeller powered by 15 HP motor.

    • 2 inch pump discharge.

    • Infeed and discharge ports have USDA sanitary Tri-clamp connections.

    • All food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction including base and T316 stainless steel wetted parts.

    • 208 / 230 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this high-shear mixer, blender, emulsifier, homgenizer, liquifier, powder dispersing machine is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your food processing needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y3854

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