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Lyco Easy-Flow 3- stage COOLER, Y4302

LYCO Easy-Flow, 3-zone


A Three Zone EASY-FLOW CONTINUOUS COOLER, all food grade sanitary stainless steel. Manufacturer recommended for corn, peas, green beans, pasta, rice, proteins, dry beans, cut potatoes, potatoes, onions, plus many other vegetables and a multitude of food types and shapes.

Manufacturer literature describes a revolutionary design for rapid cooling of particulate food items, which they say can, for example, cool cooked-hot pasta products down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, in a fraction of the time of traditional cooling methods. Each zone is capable of submerging and mixing product in cold well water or chilled water where the product rapidly releases heat.


  • y4302f_crop_email.jpgRapid cooling in a small footprint.

  • Dramatically reduced cooling times.

  • Improved food safety AND productivity.

  • Consistent results and uniform end product.

  • Lower freezer and/or refrigeration costs.

  • Heat from the first zone can be recycled to pre-heat blancher or cooker water.

SPECIFICATIONS - MANUFACTURER LITERATURE describes this 3-stage Lyco Easy-Flow continuous cooler as:

  • High-capacity - manufacturer rated for up to 5,000 pounds an hour.

  • As a high-speed particulate cooler able to cool most products like pasta, rice or vegetables, from 200 degrees Fahrenheit down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 30 seconds.

  • y4302d_crop_email.jpgAs a flash chiller able to cool food products from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 70degrees Farenheit in 10 seconds.


  • Removable wedge-wire screens.

  • Overall dimensions: 144 inch long by 51 inch wide by 69 inch high.

  • 43 inch infeed height, 31 inch discharge height.

  • All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction with open, sanitary, easy to clean design.

  • Stainless steel electrical feed box with safety-lock-out, 460 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this Lyco flash chiller / plenum cooler is in stock at ALARD, EXCELLENT condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your industrial process high-capacity cooling and chilling equipment needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4302

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