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FOOD TUMBLE MIXER, 12 cubic foot, stainless steel, Y4410

12 cubic foot stainless steel drum type batch mixer,
tilt discharge...

Food TUMBLE MIXER, stainless steel cement mixer, Y4410
from Alard Equipment Corporation.

A food grade stainless steel tumble mixer, in a "cement mixer" configuration for batch mixing and blending applications, for gentle dividing, folding, and tumbling action, with inline infeed and discharge with power tilt to dump. Available with our without discharge / catch tank. Well suited for mixing and blending wet or dry particulate products, spices, cut fruit, diced vegetables, salsa, sauces, wet salads (fruit salad, macacroni salad, potato salad), and/or other ingredients and products for industrial food processing production..


  • The food tumbler mixer barrel has a 26 inch diameter infeed / discharge opening.

  • 39 inch diameter by 39 inch deep <>12 cubic foot batch mixer drum (roughly 20 inch depth at a working angle) with (3) 20 inch long by 6 inch wide lifting paddles.

  • In-line straight-through product flow, feeds on one side, flips over approximately 180 degrees to discharge on the opposite side.

  • Power tilt discharge.

  • Tubular stainless steel tumbler support stand set for a 69 inch infeed height, 42 inch discharge height.

  • Available with or without LIQUID / SLURRY CATCH TANK with metal traps:
    • 36 inch diameter by 28 inch deep cone bottom tank vessel.
    • y4410_crop_email.jpg23 inch high backspash above the tank rim and at the back.
    • 6 inch diameter bottom tank dischage to right of product flow.
    • Butterfly valve necked-down to 4 inch Tri-Clamp fitting.
    • Removable grid of rare earth metal tram magnets across discharge, consisting of 1 inch diameter rods on 1 1/8 inch spacings.
    • 4 inch diameter Tri-Clamp connected (removeable) metal trap which runs product strap past (2) 8 inch diameter rare earth magnets
    • Previously used in a USDA sanitary meat processing facility to mix a meat-based slurry.

  • An all sanitary stainless steel food grade tumble mixer.

As of this writing, this batch tumble mixer has just arrived in stock at Alard, and is in good operational condition, and is available as-is (without controls) for immediate shipment; -- or can be completed by our shop with operator controls for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your drum tumble mixer / tumble blender application.

Alard item reference #: Y4410

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