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Heinzen Gimco high-capacity SPIN DRYER, Y4037

food grade stainless steel SPIN DRYER,
with 14.5 cubic foot basket.

Heinzen Gimco SPIN DRYER Y4037
from Alard Equipment Corporation.

An all stainless steel industrial centrifugal dryer, which model was the predecesor to the Heinzen SD300 model, and was designed for dewtering leafy vegetable / pre-cut produce, including for drying iceberg and romaine lettuce, spring mixes, spinach, cabbage, onions, carrots, broccoli, and other fresh-cut vegetables after washing.


  • Stainless steel removable basket:

    • 30.5 inches in diameter by 35 inches deep (14.5 cubic foot) basket.

    • This stainless steel spin drying basket has 1/16 inch perforations to allow water to escape.

    • The volume of this centrifugal drying basket will allow for approximately 300 lbs maximum batch input capacity, and roughly 3700 lbs per hour dried output on lettuce (actual results will vary with product characteristics).

    • Time-saving bottom-dump basket has bomb-bay doors, which allow the product to be discharged from the bottom of the basket without tipping or tilting the basket to dump it; --thereby decreasing cycle time and maximizing output.

  • Stablilizing top lid with anti-sling product guard that fits over the basket to prevent product from escaping.

  • Food grade stainless steeel construction, with wash-down shrouding.

  • Painted steel lid lift-assist springs.

  • Stainless steel control box including dynamic braking, soft-start variable speed controls, timers and circuitry, with lid-locking safety interlock system.

  • Complete with operator controls for stop/start.

  • Electric motor driven with belt drive, under bolt-on stainless steel shroud.

As of this writing, this Heinzen high-capacity spin dryer is in stock at Alard in EXCELLENT operatinal, mechanical, electrical and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your pre-cut produce processing and packaging equipment needs.

Alard item reference. #:Y4037

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