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3-conveyor / 3-level coring, trimming, sorting INSPECTION CONVEYOR Y4318



A three-conveyor inspection table, trimming line / coring line for hand-trimming, coring, sorting, grading, quality inspection and/or packing fruit & vegetable products into boxes or cases, in the context of fresh produce packing, or fresh cut / pre-cut produce packaging, frozen food, canning, and other industrial food processing applications. Consists of a main pick belt with an overhead sorted product takeaway conveyor and lower waste takeaway conveyor...


  • 10 inch wide by 16 foot long main belt with plastic open weave belting.

  • 12 inch wide by 15 foot long top takeaway belt with food grade rubber belting.

  • 15 inch wide by 15 foot long waste takeaway belt beneath with food grade rubber belting.

  • Can be used as a six, seven or an eight-person trim line.

  • 15 inch wide by 15 foot long waste takeaway belt beneath with a food grade rubber belt.

  • Can be used as a six, seven or an eight-person trim line.

  • y4318j_crop_email.jpgPresently configured with (7) 6 inch diameter holes in the UHMW plastic trim-stations on each side of the main conveyor. (These can be re-configured at the time of order, per buyers specifications).

  • All sanitary stainless steel construction.

  • Individual fixed speed drives for each of the three (3) belt conveyors.

  • 3 phase electrical input, per buyers specifications.

As of this writing, this inspection conveyor is in stock at Alard in good condition, available as-is for immediate shipment, or can be serviced by our shop for timely shipment per buyer specfication.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular industrial food processing product inspection and grading equipment needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4318

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