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Vanmark 2800 series, double chamber 16 roll peeler, brush-washer, scrubber, Alard item Y3754

Vanmark DUAL 8-ROLL PEELER WASHER SCRUBBER for industrial fruit and vegetable processing, stainless steel.


A Vanmark Model 2800 series twin-peeling chamber peeling machine, brush-washer, scrubber consisting of two Vanmark 8-roll peelers on a single frame in a side-by-side configuration, constituting a double-chamber 16 roll peeling capacity system. Hydraulic powered. Doubles your capacity without doubling your cost. Also allows for operational flexibility in being able to run two different products simultaneously, or can be configured so that you can switch product flow from an all-abrasive roll peeler to an all brush-roll scrubber-washer without changing out rolls.


  • Each chamber has a hopper infeed measuring 24 inches long by 15 inches wide at a 72 inch (6 foot) infeed height.

  • Each of the two separate peeling chambers are currently configured with (4) brush rolls and (4) abrasive rolls for positive peeling and finishing action.

  • Peeling / scrubbing rolls are 69.75 inches long.

  • y3754c_crop_email.jpgEach chamber has a 20 inch diameter powered metering auger discharge, unloading at a 47 inch discharge height.

  • Lubricating and rinsing action is provided in each chamber by a top water spray header.

  • Full length common water and peels catch-pan with 6 inch center bottom outlet at an 8 inch discharge height.

  • Hinged side access doors with prop bars.

  • Lubrication clusters for ease of maintenance.

  • High capacity, manufacturer rated for up to 20,000 pounds per hour on stored potatoes. Your throughput capacity dependent on product being run, product characteristics, and machine configuration. Call 315-589-4511 to discuss your food plant peeler-washer specification.

  • y3754a_crop_email.jpgCame in without a hydraulic power pack. We can quote / supply this machine priced with, or if you'd prefer to add your own power and safety controls, priced without a 20 HP hydraulic power variable speed system, to include control box with safety interlock system to cut power to the machine if the doors are opened during operation. Call 315-589-4511 to discuss your particular industrial food processing peeling machine need so we can quote this machine configured to your specification.

As of this writing, this twin 8 roll peeling machine is in stock at Alard in good serviceable condition, available as-is for immediate shipment, or with reasonable lead time, we can refurbish the machine to excellent condition, with or without hydraulic pack.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular food equipment needs.

Alard Item Reference #:Y3754

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