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4-inch stainless steel FOOD PUMP, Y4408

CORNELL 4 inch

A Cornell Model 4NMP-2R stainless steel hydro-flow food pump with 4 inch inlet and outlet connections, uses water as a transport medium. The water supports and cushions the food product being handled, so the Cornell Hydro-Transport Food Pump is an excellent foundation for a pipe flume, open flume, wash flume, chill flume, disinfectant bath, or other water conveyor configuration for gently conveying high volumes of whole or cut food products in water at tons-per-hour volume capacities.


  • Cornell 4NMP-2R stainless steel hydro-transport food pump with single port stainless steel impeller, 4 inch inlet and outlet.

  • Manufacturer rated for approximately 100 to 800 gallons per minute depending on RPM and head resistance.

  • Whole or cut food solids handling ability for products up to 2.94 inch (74.7 mm) diameter by 4 inch (171.6 mm) long.

  • y4408g_crop_email.jpg4 inch flanged suction outlet and discharge outlet connections appropriate for 4 inch water pipeline. Other larger-diameter models are available, new and used, in-stock at Alard: - call 315-589-4511 for current availability.

  • Non-clogging single port impeller conveys in a cushion of water.

  • Food grade stainless steel pump and impeller, corrosion and abrasion resistant.

  • Designed and manufactured specifically to pump food products in water.

  • Alternative to belt conveyors

  • Economical for long distance conveying: Can convey food products several hundred feet, with very little floor space footprint; with less maintenance, more capacity, and less expense than a belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, or vibrating conveyor.

  • Conveys products vertically, horizontally, diagonally, some or all of the above in the same system.

  • Elevates products gently, without mechanical damage.

  • Replaces belt conveyors in many applications.

  • Mounted on a tubular steel frame - motor not included.

  • Preheat product before cutting, peeling, etc.

  • Hydro-cool product to remove field heat, after blanching, etc.

  • Apply additives (dextrose, SAPP, etc.) while conveying.

  • Gently wash while conveying.

  • Ideal for industrial food processing and packing applications, for chilling, cooling, washing, sanitizing and conveying food products in water. Typically used for frozen fruit and vegetable processing, in pre-cut produce, and fresh-cut salad processing, for berries, fruits, potatoes, root crops, squash, seafood, and most any compatibly sized food products that can be transported in water.

As of this writing, this refurbished Cornell hydro-flow food pump is in stock at ALARD, in GOOD OPERATING condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your particular industrial food process food pumping system needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4408

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