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ROD BELT TAKEAWAY CONEYOR, food grade, stainless steel, Y5046



A 6 foot long by 15 inch wide rod belt Dunkley takeaway conveyor / grading belt, previously used with a Dunkley Cherry pitter (not included, available separately) to convey pitted cherries away from the pitting machine, with belt spacing to allow any loose pits to drop through. Ideal for it's original purpose, but could as well be used as a cleaning / grading conveyor (which would allow fines to drop through), a feed conveyor, takeaway conveyor, or transfer conveyor for a wide range of raw, peeled, or cut fruits and vegetables, and/or packaged food products in a pre-cut produce packing or other industrial food manufacturing process environment. The open belt could also be set over a tank as a dewatering conveyor, and / or used with overhead sprays (not included) for rinsing or washing food products.


  • y5046f_crop_email.jpg72 inch long by 15 inch stainless steel rod belt, with 3/16 inch rods on spacings allowing for 3/8 inch openings.

  • The belt runs between stainless steel sides that flare out to a width of 20.5 inches.

  • All food grade stainless steel construction, with corrosion resistant plastic bearing blocks, 4 inch diameter plastic belt pullies, and stainless steel shafts.

  • Fractional HP 208/230/460v 3 phase drive 1725 RPM drive with 50:1 gear reducer.

  • Did not come with, does not include a bottom catch pan or legs, but we can fabricate to buyer specification at extra charge. Can be configured as an elevating conveyor, horizontal conveyor, or lowerating conveyor, per customer requirement. CALL 315-589-4511 to discuss your bulk food product handling needs.

As of this writing, we have this stainless steel rod-belt conveyor in stock in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment; --and we have multiple matching Dunkley cherry-pitter takeaway conveyors identical to this that could be gotten ready quickly.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular food equipment needs.

Alard item reference #: Y5046

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