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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


Due to changes by our former blogging service*, as of May 26th, 2010,
our NEW "RECENT ACQUISITIONS LIST" will henceforth be posted at 

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Friday, April 16, 2010

VANMARK STAINLESS STEEL ROLLER INSPECTION CONVEYOR / ROLLER INSPECTION TABLE; 24" wide by 9' long with 2.25" diameter PVC rollers with a 1/4" gap between. Roller conveyor runds between 3" high stanless steel sides at a 38" working height on stainless steel legs. All sanitary food grade stainless steel construction including removable stainless steel side shrouds which give full acess for cleaning. Complete with an SEW Eurodrive variable speed drive. In stock in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, ready to go and available for immediate shipment. (Y0510)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HOBART Model HCM-450 CUTTER-MIXER; 45 quart capacity stainless steel product bowl with hinged / gasketed / locking clear plastic top cover. Bowl measures 19.5" diameter x 10" deep. Manual tilt to dump discharge. On painted steel support frame. 5HP 208/230 volt 3 phase drive motor with start/stop controls. In stock, in very good condition, available for timely shipment. (Y0366)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FMC Model SC-120 STAINLESS STEEL CORN CUTTER. 31"  long single chain infeed conveyor rated up to 157' per minute. (6)  blade cutting head automatically adjusts to  the size and shape of the cob to assure maximum product recovery of cut kernels.  Stainless steel feed rollers, rotary head, feed trough, feed trough roller chain, cutter head housing and guards. Automatic oiler. On/off operator control switches. 3 HP 3 phase drive motor. 

This corn cutter can be integrated with a corn feeder system for automatic operation, or corn can be hand placed on the feed trough chain tip end first.  

Mild steel pedestal support stand with Steel-It paint is included.  

In stock in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, ready to go and available for immediate shipment. (Z8211)


RIETZ Model TL-16-K2215 THERMASCREW BLANCHER, 16" diameter x 15' long open screw  with life steam injection. (15) live steam diffusers in bottom of trough, complete with a stainless steel steam header. Paddle wheel discharge to the right of product flow. 44" infeed height and a 29" discharge height. Complete with (2) hinged top covers. All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction. Powered by a 230/460 volt 3 phase variable speed Eurodrive. Presently set for only live steam application but could be configured for hot water application. In stock in good condition, available for timely shipment. (Y0254)


30 quart stainless steel product bowl with hinged / gasketed / locking clear plastic top cover. Bowl measures 17" diameter x 10" deep. Manual tilt to dump. On painted steel support frame. 5HP 230 volt 3phase single speed drive with 5 minute timer and start/stop controls. Presently equipped with a plastic blade assembly but other new blades can be supplied upon request.
Less bowl wipe assembly, otherwise in stock in EXCELLENT condition, available for immediate shipment. (Y0141)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NEW STAINLESS STEEL SINGLE STATION BAGGING  TABLE,  with (1) 30lb electronic washdown over/under type scale, with remote readout head mounted at eye level. The filling station consists of a 6.25" diameter filling tube equipped with a removable (can be replaced with larger or smaller funnel for different bag sizes) stainless steel filling funnel, and equipped with a stainless steel pneumatic bag holder. Beneath the bag holder is a 10" by 10" stainless steel weigh cell platform which is adjustable to accommodate different bag heights. The stainless steel bagging table is 43" long by 37.5" wide and has sides that taper from 13" high at the back down to 6" high at the front. Operator hangs the bag on the filling funnel and engages the bag holder by pressing a button. The operator then pulls product from the table into the filling tube until the proper weight is made (and can easily remove a bit of product if needed). The operator then disengages the bag holder and removes the bag, puts a new bag in place, and the process is repeated. All stainless steel construction. We make 'em NEW! (Y0500)

Friday, March 19, 2010

URSCHEL VSC SLAB CUTTER / SEGMENT CUTTER / STRIP  CUTTER manufactuer recommended for cutting carrots, pickles,  zucchini, potatoes and other products into segments, slabs, and square or rectangular strips. Manufacturer rated for maximum product input size of 3" in diameter (with existing cutting parts, 4" diameter parts are available from the mfg for this machine). Presently set for approximately 1/4" square strips (stick cut or french fry), but other cutting heads for other type cuts are available. 460 volt 3 phase drive with inverter variable speed controller, with safety interlock.
In stock in good condition, available for timely shipment. (Y0492)

KAPSALL AUTOMATIC INLINE SCREW CAPPER, Model D, manufacturer rated as "knob  adjustable for a wide range of cap and container sizes, with cap size range from 13 mm to 70mm, at speeds of up to 100 containers per minute. Stainless steel construction, including base. Left to right container flow from front  / operator position. Two sets of tightening wheels (four spindle configuration). Complete with stainless steel variable speed vibratory cap hopper/feeder, variable speed centrifugal cap sorter with cap sensor. 7' long by 4.5" wide flat top stainless steel chain through conveyor with adjustable rails, and two sets of side gripper belts (double-gripper configuration). 3 phase electrical input.
In stock in good condition,available for timely shipment. (Y0504 )

SAFELINE STAINLESS STEEL DIGITAL METAL  DETECTOR with STAINLESS STEEL THROUGH-CONVEYOR. 5.5" high by 13" wide usable aperture opening in stainless steel washdown-sealed search head enclosure with digital  operator controls. Metal detection head mounted on and integrated with a 10" wide by approximately 7' long stainless steel THROUGH-CONVEYOR with interlocking plastic chain (Intralox style) conveyor  belt running over a UHMW conveyor bed over a tubular stainless steel support frame; complete with a wash down gearmotor conveyor drive. The detection head and conveyor will be integrated for belt-stop and alarm (with a buzzer horn) reject configuration. 110 volt single phase electrical input.
Just finished by our shop; --in stock in EXCELLENT operational, electronic, and cosmetic condition,  available for immediate shipment. (Y0403 )

BOCK MODEL FP-90 SPIN DRYER. Manufacturer rated 130 lb capacity, 7.36 cubic foot  removable basket which measures 30" diameter x 18" deep. All stainless steel product contacts, stainless steel outer tub and stainless steel base. 5HP 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase motor, with pneumatic brake. Complete with operator controls including settable timer. In stock in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, available  for immediate shipment. (Z8801)