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...with 10" diameter by 42" long screw auger. 12" long by 16" wide infeed hopper, 30" long screen section with .020" sieve openings, and solids discharge via a pneumatic pressure-adjustable press-plate discharge. Complete with stainless steel liquid catch pan with 3" diameter threaded outlet. All T304 stainless steel construction. 3HP 230/460 volt 3 phase drive.

This dewatering press / juice extractor / juice press is IN STOCK NEW available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1137


z9767k_y1136_email.jpgSWECO INTEGRATED SCREEN PRESS (ISP) stainless steel DEWATERING PRESS, 6" diameter by 48" long screw auger in a screen cage of perforated stainless steel. The screen cage consists of two plys, with the inside screen a fine perforated stainless steel, surrounded by a large perforated stainless steel backing screen. The screw cage sits in a 7" diameter by 60" long stainless steel liquid-catch trough with a 2" diameter liquid discharge 12" up from the bottom/infeed end. The trough is entirely covered with bolt-on stainless steel covers.

The press sits on a tubular stainless steel frame (with feet intended to be bolted securely to the floor to provide stability) positioning the 7" diameter solids infeed at a 26.5" infeed height, the solids discharge at a 46" discharge height, and the liquid discharge at a 15" discharge height. All stainless steel construction.

A 110/220 volt single phase 1.5HP gearmotor drive mounted outside the discharge powers this screw auger at 56 RPM.

The Sweco Integrated Screen Press was designed by the manufacturer to be used in conjunction with a Sweco (or other vibrating screener) vibratory round screener to synergistically increase feed rates while producing dryer solids in dewatering and waste water recovery applications. Manufacturer literature suggests that this dewatering screw can increase the feed rate capacity of a (Sweco or equivalent) vibratory screen by 4 to 10 times.

This dewatering screw is in stock in very good condition, available for timely shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1136


y1146d_email.jpgLA PIERRE TURBO 2000 REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER, manufacturer rated for 250 gallons per hour on maple syrup.

Complete with 1HP feed  pump, (2) pre-filters, 3HP high pressure pump, and (2) 1/2 HP recirculating pumps; --one on each of the (2) 4" by 40" membranes. 1.25" feed  inlet.

Includes 16" diameter by 32" deep wash tank,  and (2) new replacement membranes. This 250 gph RO filter is in stock in good condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1146


y1104b_email.jpgNEW LOCK MET 30+ UNIVERSAL THREE-FREQUENCY STAINLESS STEEL DIGITAL METAL DETECTOR Model Met30+IP69 (3F). 10.5" high by 19.75" wide usable aperture stainiless steel search head on a 6 foot long by x 18" wide stainless steel conveyor with interlocking plastic chain belt running over a washdown anti-static bed, with adjustable infeed guide rails. Conveyor and detection head integrated with a belt-stop alarm reject. Left to right flow from operator controls position. 34" working height with +/- 2" height adjustable threaded rod feet, on 5" high locking casters. 1/2 HP single phase washdown motor. 110 volt (standard household current) single phase electrical input.
Washdown system configuration.
1 year manufacturer warranty.
NEW, in stock and available for immediate shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1104

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