A running list of things we've acquired or found available for sale by Alard Equipment Corporation; used food processing and packaging equipment.

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November 2016 Archives

Rietz ANGLE DISINTEGRATOR RP-12 30HP hammermill, grinder, Y2937

RIETZ-BEPEX ANGLE DISINTEGRATOR MODEL RP-12-K122, 30HP food grade stainless steel hammermill, grinder...

y2937m_crop_email.jpgManufacturer recommended for grinding, shredding, delupmping, homogenizing, fine dispersing, or fine pulping of wet and dry food products. For food grade high-production grinding pureeing, granulating, and pulverizeing in fruit and vegetable production applications.

  • 12 inch rotor diameter.

  • 11 inch diameter open throat infeed chute at a 38 inch infeed height.

  • 12 inch diameter screened milling cage with 5 sets of blunt/sharp hammers.

  • Screen cage has an interchangable inner screen with approximately 1/8 inch openings, backed by a reinforcing outer screen 1 inch square openings.

  • 4 inch x 20 inch rectangular flanged front bottom discharge at a 14 inch discharge height.

  • Comes with bolted-on / removable collection funnel which tapers to a 5.5 inch diameter outlet at a 6 inch discharge height.
  • All food grade stainless steel construction, including support base.

  • 30 HP 230/460 volt 3550 RPM 3-phase direct drive motor.

As of this writing, this food grade stainless steel disintegrator mill is in stock at Alard in good operational condition, and available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2937

INCREMENT CUTTER, segment cutter, length slicer for root crops and oblong vegetables, Alard item Y2498

INCREMENT CUTTER / SEGMENT CUTTER / LENGTH CUTTER for carrots, celery, and other oblong vegetable products...

y2498g_crop_email.jpgFood increment cutter for cutting long / straight vegetable products into shorter length, including carrots, celery, corn cobs, cucumbers, zuchinis, root crops, and etc.

  • (4) large cross-cutting sawtooth circular blades set for 4" long segments.

  • Food grade all stainless steel construction.

  • Indexing thru-conveyor consisting of (3) 3.25 inch wide by x 56 inch long chains with 1 inch high cleats.

  • 37 inch working height on threaded rod asjustable feet.

  • 24 inch long open inf/loading section for hand placement onto the indexing conveyor.

  • Hinged safety cage over the cutting section with safety interlock switch, which shuts off the (2) .75 HP 208.230/460 volt 3 phase stainless steel shrouded drive motors, if the guard is raised.

As of this writing, this food product length slicer is in stock in good condition, needing minor service (needs a few chaiun links replaced), cleanup, and recommissioning prior to shipment. It is available for immediate shipment as-is, or can be cleaned and serviced by our shop to excellent operational condition with a little lead time prior to shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2498

Niagri Carro-Cut automatic CARROT TRIMMER and SEGMENT CUTTER, Y3020


Note: manufacturer brochure picture.

y3020_mfg_image.jpgA fast, accurate and versatile carrot cutting machine...

  • Works as a CARROT TRIMMER, or carrot crown and tip cutter to trim the tops and tails off carrots.

  • Works as a SEGMENT CUTTER to cut carrots by length into segments.

  • Ideal for making baby carrots / as an automatic baby carrot cutting machine.

  • Manufacturer rated for 4,000 to 6,000 lbs per hour, higher volumes possible on smaller carrots.

  • All food grade stainless steel construction.

This carrot tipper tailer length cutter was purchased new for a production run for which the contract was unexpectedly cancelled, and is reported as having run less than a half-dozen trailers of carrots. As such the machine is represented as being in LIKE-NEW condition available for timely shipment from a northeastern US location.

Alard item reference #:Y3020