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Urschel DiversaCut Sprint, Alard item Y4230



A versatile, compact, high-capacity industrial food process cutting machine, dicer, slicer, julienne cutter, which uniformly cuts flat or crinkle cut dices, cubes, strips / strip cuts, french fry cuts, and slices from a wide variety of food products at high production capacities with speeds dependent on materials, application and machine configuration...


  • Slice shell cuts 1/16 inch to 1 inch / 1.6mm to 25.4mm; --knob adjustable.

  • Circular knife cuts 1/8 inch to 3 inches / 3.2mm to 76.2mm; -spindle with knives and spacers).

  • Crosscut knife cuts from 3/32 inch to 1 inch / 2.4mm to 25.4mm; crosscut knife spindle assembly (change part).

  • Maximum product infeed size of 6.5 inch (165 mm) in any dimension.

  • Flat or krinkle-cut cutting parts can be used in various combinations for cubes, strip cuts, rectangular cuts, julienne cuts, slices, flat or krinkle-cut french fry strips. Works as a one-dimensional slicer, two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutter. CALL 315-589-4511, to discuss YOUR particular food process cutting machine requirements.

  • This cutter is manufacturer recommended for a wide range of fruit, vegetable and meat cutting applications, including flat or crinkle cut french fries, ham, salmon, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, and many more food items.


  • y4230_y3306h_crop_email.jpg18 inch long by 16 inch wide top hopper extension over a 14.75 inch long by 15.5 inch bottom hopper feeding so the slice shell.

  • 9 inch slice shell opening, 14 inch diameter slice shell cutting chamber.

  • 20 inch long by 10 inch wide discharge chute.

  • On tubular stainless steel support stand with locking casters, at a 77 inch infeed height, 33 inch discharge height.

  • Food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction with hinged access panels for ease of and maintenance.

  • Factory electrical control panel with safety interlock system.

  • 1.5HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase stainless steel shrouded motor drive.

As of this writing, this Urschel Sprint DICER is in stock at Alard, ready-to-go in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511
to confirm availability, and to discuss YOUR food process cutting equipment needs.

Alard Item Ref. #:Y4230

Packrite 6000 SEALER Z4387 with BAG FILLING TABLE Y0500 video demo

Z4387 Packrite BAND SEALER
Y0500 Alard single-station BAG PACKING TABLE

Z4387 Packrite 6000 BAG SEALER, Y0500 Alard single-station BAG FILLER
from Alard Equipment Corporation.

SINGLE-STATION NETWEIGH BAG FILLING TABLE, with wash-down scale, and adjustable height pneumatic bag-holder, all food grade stainless steel...

A food grade sanitary stainless steel BAG PACKING TABLE / hand-pack bag filler for fresh-cut / pre-cut produce packaging, with a remote readout scale, and adjustable height pneumatic bag-holder.


  • The operator hangs the bag on the bag-filling funnel and engages the bag holder by pressing a button.
  • The operator then pulls product by hand, from the table into the filling tube, until the proper weight is made, as indicated by the eye-level over/under scale. A little product easily be remove if needed to "make weight".
  • The operator then disengages the bag holder and removes the bag, puts a new bag in place, and the process is repeated.


  • The stainless steel bag-filler / pack table is 43 inches long by 37.5 inches wide inner/working dimensions, and has sides that taper from 14 inches high at the back, and angles down to 6 inches high at the front.
  • 30 pound capacity Cardinal wash-down over-under scale, with remote readout mounted at eye level. Other model scales / capacity are/is available to customer specification; CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability to discuss your particular fruit and/or vegetable netweigh bag filler specifications.
  • 6.25 inch diameter front center filling tube. (Can be supplied with filling tube inserts for smaller size bags).
  • Stainless steel pneumatic bag holder with push-button operator control for holding bag on the filling tube.
  • Beneath the bag holder is a 10inch square stainless steel weigh cell platform which is adjustable to accommodate different bag heights.
  • 40 inch working height at front lip, on threaded rod adjustable feet with foot-pads. NOTE: Pictures show optional casters, available at extra-cost; --call 315-589-4511 to discuss your specific pack table specifications.
  • All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction.
  • 110 volt single phase electrical input (standard household current) for the scales, and requires compressed air for the bag holders.
  • NEW!

While we occasionally sell out of on-hand machnines, we maintain this by-hand bag-filler in stock as continuously as possible; --NEW, fully assembled, ready to go and available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm present availability, and to discuss your particular pre-cut produce / fresh produce packaging equipment needs.

SEE more details at https://www.alard-equipment.com/a-f/y0500sne.htm

Alard item reference #:Y0500


The Packrite 6000 BAG SEALER is manufacturer recommended for industrial food process and USDA food packaging applications, as well as medical, military, agricultural, and many other flexible bag and pouch sealing applications. It seals most types of barrier materials in addition to straight polyethylene up to 12 mil single thickness or 6 mil single thickness on bags with gussets (24 mil total). Change over from one material to another is done with very little or no adjustment required...


  • Manufacturer rated for up to 550 inches per minute on up to 10 mil thicknesses.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • Variable speed drive.
  • Flat seal -- specify 3/8 inch or 3/4 inch.
  • Specify feed direction (left to right or right to left).
  • Standard adjustable height stand is mild steel with USDA approved paint.
  • Stainless steel top and side shrouding.
  • Maintenance on this machine is designed to be user friendly.
    • Sealing band change can be made in minutes without tools due to tilt-away drive system (no tools required band change a standard feature).
    • If required, replacement of the temperature controller is snap-in, snap-out with no disconnecting or reconnecting of wiring necessary.
    • 110 volt single phase electrical input.


  • Stainless steel adjustable height stand (shown in video).
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel bottom plates (machine in video has).
  • Casters for portability (shown in video).
  • Swivel mount.
  • Bag trimmer (with or without vacuum).
  • Coder options available, ink or embossing.
  • Bag perforator.
  • 220 volt single phase electrical input option available.
  • Crimper seal to make a checkered seal impression which adds a nice cosmetic appearance on clear polypropylene materials.
  • Bag-holding conveyor option available, with or without slave speed synchronization, for sealing heavier bags.

As of this writing, this NEW Packrite 6000 continuous-flow bag-sealing machine is USUALLY in stock at ALARD and available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511
to confirm availability and discuss your food packaging needs.

SEE more details at https://www.alard-equipment.com/a-f/z4387sne.htm

ALARD item reference #: Z4387

FPEC PIVOT DUMPER demo video, Alard item y4215

for 40 by 48 inch bins, hydraulic powered.

FPEC Pivot Dumper BIN DUMPER, TOTE DUMPER, Alard item Y4215
from Alard Equipment Corporation.

Refurbished FPEC PIVOT DUMPER, food grade stainless steel forward bulk box dumper, for discharging vegetables, fruits, food products, or other bulk materials from heavy bins, crates, totes, and / or Gaylords. Typically used as a raw product infeed dumper for industrial food processing applications.


  • Bin holder measuring 47 inches wide by 48 inches long by 70.5 inches deep at the back-plate, accommodates 40 by 48 inch standard bin size, or other close sizes.

  • Manually adjustable hold-down bars can be set for a range covering standard sizes; --CALL 315-589-4511 with your tote size specifications.

  • USDA meat and poultry sanitary food grade stainless steel construction.

  • Heavy duty tubular stainless frame construction.

  • Dump action provided by (2) 4-inch diameter hydraulic cylinders powered by a self-contained 5HP hydraulic power pack with reservoir and manual controls, set for 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase electrical input (unless otherwise specified).

  • FLOOR LEVEL INFEED with a 57 inch pivot point. Support stands to raise the height of the dumper are available as an option and will be quoted upon request, based on customer specifications.

As of this writing this Food Processing Equipment Company reconditioned forward bin dumper is in stock at Alard, ready to go and available from inventory for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511
to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular food grade bulk material container handling needs.

Alard item reference #: Y4215

y3531 200 gallon LIQUEFIER demo video

demo VIDEO

from Alard Equipment Corporation.

...an APV CREPACO LIQUIVERTER manufacturer recommended for dissolving and dispersing virtually any food product in low to medium viscosity liquid, including stabilizing gums, synthetic thickeners, fours, cocoas, yeast, powdered ingredients such as powdered eggs, starches, condiments, caseinates, juice concentrates, food purees,whey solids, milk solids, and to emulsify products such as salad dressings, fillings, ice cream mixes, sauces, and many other items. It is also used for reconstitution of dairy products and reestablishment of soluble products, preparation of starch and hydrocolloid solutions.

A high-shear mixer, emulsifier, blender, this liquefier FEATURES:

  • 36 inch by 36 inch by 32 inch deep square body single wall mixer vessel.

  • (New) center bottom high-shear impeller with all new seals.

  • 2.5 inch bottom side outlet with sanitary threaded connection.

  • Top center manway with hinged cover.

  • Sanitary threaded top inlet.

  • Adjustable threaded stainless steel foot pads on stainless steel legs.

  • All food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction.

  • 25 HP 3 phase direct drive motor powers the impeller.

  • INCLUDES Waukesha model C114 sanitary CENTRIFUGAL PUMP for finished liquid takeaway; model rated at 84 gpm at 1750 RPM per mfg (actual output will depend on "pump head"; --how far and high you're pumping the product). This finished product takeaway pump is fully plumbed to the blender tank discharge with a manual butterfly valve between the tank and the pump, with sanitary Tri-clamp connections.

As of this writing, this APV/CREPACO liquefier is in stock at Alard, in EXCELLENT operational condition, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511
to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular food equipment needs.

Alard item reference #: Y3531

Waukesha 130 LOBE PUMP with drive Y2870

WAUKESHA Model 130
with drive and base...


A Waukesha Cherry-Burrell sanitary PD twin lobe pump, manufacturer recommended for pumping viscous fluids, slurries, or particulate bearing liquids in industrial food, dairy, canning, bakery, beverage and pharmeceutical processing applications...


  • 3" inlet and discharge ports with sanitary Tri-clamp connections in a horizontal flow orientation.

  • A USDA / 3A Dairy sanitary food grade pump with a T316 stainless steel body, cover and shaft, with easy disassembly for cleaning and sanitation.

  • y2870j_crop_email.jpgCoupled to a 7.5HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase drive, geared for 140 RPM at the pump lobes, for up to approximately 35gpm throughput (depending on product viscosity and head pressure, pump curves available on request). Manufacturer rated for up to 600 RPM and 200psi working pressure.

  • Pump and drive mounted together on a stainless steel base with threaded rod adjustable height feet.

As of this writing, this Waukesha lobe pump is in stock at Alard, in VERY good operational, mechanical and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL ALARD at 315-589-4511 for current availability, and to discuss your particular food process pump requirements.

Alard item reference #:Y2870

Key RECLAIM REEL and TANK, Alard item Y3936

food grade stainless steel...


A Key Technology RECLAIM REEL and TANK is an integral part of any hydro-food pumping system, for liquid-solids separation, removing primary waste such as peels, leaves, stems, seeds and other by-products from flume or wash water, for recirculation, reuse, or clean disposal. The food process watere recovery reel can also be used as a water reservoir for the pumping system or as part of a flume system. Commonly used as a continuous active water strainer for fresh-cut, fruit, potatoes, root crops, squash and other food applications...


  • Manufacturer rated to handle up to 300 gallons per minute.

  • Single 18 inch by 34 inch long drum with 1/16 inch (2mm) screen perforations, with a 3 inch high internal spiral to provide positive discharge of solids from the scavenger reel.

  • 36 inch wide by 48 inch long by 24 inch deep tank with 4 inch Tri-clamp outlet.

  • 6 inch wide by 42 inch long waste discharge with 2 inch pipe outlet.

  • y3936y_crop_email.jpgAll food grade stainless steel construction.

  • Stainless steel side-frame pump mount (pump not included but available optionally) for recirculation pump if required, or mount can be removed to save space.

As of this writing, this process water reclamation reel is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your food process water recovery needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y3936

Used Sweco 60 vibrating shaker-grader screen, stainless steel, Y3596

SWECO SCREEN, round, 60 inch diameter
vibrating separator, food grade stainless steel...


A Sweco Vibro-Energy ROUND SEPARATOR, this Model MX60_88 5-foot diameter vibrating separator screen is manufacturer recommended for separating solids from liquid, dewatering applications, and/or sifting, fines removal, sliver removal, lump removal & other size grading applications. Sweco industrial screens and sifter screens are widely used in particle separation and water recovery applications across the food processing industry...


Basically, the SWECO Separator is a vibratory screener device that vibrates about its center of mass. Vibration is accomplished by eccentric weights on the upper and lower end of the motion-generator shaft. Rotation of the top weight creates vibration in the horizontal plane, which causes material to move across the screen cloth to the periphery. The lower weight acts to tilt the screening deck, causing vibration in the vertical and tangential planes. The angle of lead given the lower weight with relation to the upper weight provides the variable control of the spiral vibrating screen pattern. Speed and spiral pattern of material travel over the sieve screen cloth can be set by the operator for maximum throughout and screening efficiency of any screenable product...wet or dry...heavy or light...coarse or fine...hot or cold.


  • Single deck / single screen configuration, with two discharges for two grades of product; --product which does not drop through the screen, and product which does.

  • y3596n_crop_email.jpg60 inch / five foot diameter shaker-screen size-grading deck with 8 inch high side rings.

  • Opposing, dual 14 inch wide oval side discharge ports on upper ring.

  • 8 inch diameter discharge on lower ring.

  • All food grade stainless steel product contact surfaces...

  • ...including stainless steel support base.

  • 208 / 230 volt 3 phase electrical input.

  • Additional rings and screens are available from the manufacturer for multi-deck set-ups.

As of this writing, this five foot diameter vibrating shaker / size-grader is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical & cosmetic condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your food process size grading, solids separation, dewatering, sifting or screening needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y3596

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