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A horizontal frame Z-type stainless steel incline and feed elevator belt, with 18 inch wide cleated belt. Horizontal infeed and discharge sections allow versatility for loading this Z-conveyor, as well as for feeding down line equipment...


    • 92 inch long horizontal infeed section.

    • 45 inch long incline section.

    • 18 inch long horizontal discharge section.


    • y4402c_crop_email.jpg18 inch wide solid interlocking chain type plastic belt with 1 inch high cleats on 8 inch centers.

    • Belt runs between 3 inch high stainless steel side rails.

    • 30 inch infeed height, 48 inch discharge height.

    • 14 foot long floor footprint.

    • All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction.

    • Mounted on 4 inch locking casters for added mobility.

    • 3/4HP drive motor with variable speed control.

    • 208 / 230 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this Z-shaped elevating conveyor is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your food process feed conveyor needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4402

DEWATERING SHAKER SCREEN, 72x32, food grade stainless steel, Y4326



A CMI Model DS-S vibrating shaker / screener with quickly interchangeable screen for grading, size sorting, fines-removal, solids separation, dewatering, waste-water recovery, while even-feeding product to downstream components...


  • 32 inch wide by 72 inch long screen area with 4 inch high sides.

  • 1/16 inch mesh screen with quick-release clamps.

  • 9 foot high infeed, 8.5 foot discharge height.

  • Stainless steel catch pan with 10 inch diameter flange discharge.

  • All sanitary food grade stainless steel construction.

  • Ajax eccentric drive powered by a stainless steel shrouded 1HP motor.

  • 208/230 volt 3 phase electrical input.

  • y4326h_crop_email.jpgOutfitted with catwalk and access ladder.

  • Previously used to recover fresh-cut / pre-cut produce fruits and vegetables from wash-water, in a bagged salad operation, running in conjunction with an 8 inch Cornell Food Pump (also available separately as of this writing, CALL 315-589-4511 to discuss your solids sepration requirements)..

As of this writing, this vibratory shaker-grader is in stock at ALARD, being sold AS-IS for immediate shipment -OR- can be serviced by our shop to EXCELLENT condition with timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your particular grading or water reclamation needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4326

Urschel GRL straight or crinkle STRIP CUTTER Y3479



Designed specifically for strip cutting plain and crinkle cut potato strips / french fries for longer cuts with greatly reduced fines.


  • Manufacturer rates for potatoes up to 9 inches (230 mm) in length.

  • A two-dimensional cutter:

    • Slice thickness knob adjustable up to 9/16 inch (14.3mm).

    • Currently equipped with a 3/8 inch (9.525 mm) crosscut knife spindle. Other cross cut spindles are available; --CALL ALARD at 315-589-4511 for current availability, and to dicuss your particular cutting specifications.

  • Aftermarket electrical control panel with safety interlock system, which cuts power to the machine if safety guards are removed.

  • Low maintanence, only two moving parts.

  • Stainless steel frame and shrouding.

  • y3479m_crop_email.jpgNew, dimpled surface, infeed chute.

  • "Urschalloy" slice shell and impeller.

  • 2 HP 3 phase drive.

As of this writing, this Urschel GRL potato strip cutting machine is in stock at Alard, in good operational condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL ALARD 315-589-4511 for current availability, and to discuss your particular industrial food process high-capacity fruit and vegetable cutting machine needs.

Alard item reference Y3479

Heinzen AB-100-2 automatic dual drum CONTINUOUS CENTRIFUGAL SPIN DRYER SYSTEM Y4378


for pre-cut produce processing, dual-spin dryer configuration for continuous operation, with feed hopper and feed conveyors...


A Heinzen Model AB100-2 Automated Batch Drying System. Automatic centrifugal spin drying system manufacturer recommended for high volume drying of fresh-cut produce products such as iceberg lettuce, spring mix, baby spinach, shredded carrots, cabbage slaw, chopped romaine, other leafy products, etc. Side-by-side twin spin dryer baskets allow for continuous operation, with one spinning while the other unloads / loads. Complete with live bottom belt hopper with elevating feed conveyor...


  • Heinzen / HMI stainless steel live-bottom FEED HOPPER 14 feet long by 35 inches wide by 27 inches deep...

    • Specifically built and configured to front-end the feed conveyor (see below) for the Heinzen automatic dual-spin dryer system.

    • y4378zn_crop_email.jpgThe hopper tapers to a 21 inch wide by 14 foot horizontal bottom belt conveyor with white food grade rubberized belt.

    • 5 foot infeed height, 34 inch belt working height, on adjustable feet.

    • Cleanout doors at middle-side and at feed end.

    • All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction.

    • 1 HP 3 phase drive with stainless steel motor and gearbox.

  • Heinzen / HMI stainless steel ELEVATING FEED CONVEYOR with 24 inch wide cleated belt...

    • Specifically built to fit the Heinzen HMI continuous automatic dual spin dryer system with bolt-on foot mounts and custom height-to-fit.

    • Solid plastic interlocking chain type belt with 2 inch high cleats on 8 inch centers.

    • y4378t_crop_email.jpgGoose-neck configuration with a 15 foot long incline section and 4 foot long horizontal discharge section specifically set to discharge at the height needed to feed the dual-drum automatic spin dryer system; --approximately feeds at a 10 foot discharge height.

    • All food grade stainless steel constuction.

    • 1 HP 3 phase stainless steel motor and drive.

  • Heinzen HMI AB-100-2 dual centrifugal spin dryer system for continuous auto batch drying.

    • Integral bi-directional cross-conveyor infeed, fills one basket while the other is unloading for continuous operation.

    • The centrifual dryer baskets are each fed though 22 inch wide feed chutes with dimpled, rigidized stainless steel product contact surfaces.

    • Each of the spin dryer baskets measure 30 inches diameter by 32 inches long with drum 5/32 inch perforations to allow water to escape.

    • Air-assisted basket infeed and discharge, to help product enter and exit the dryer baskets.

    • y4378zc_crop_email.jpgPnuematic activated 20 inch diameter product discharge doors at 68 inch discharge height, release product from each spinner basket.

    • Underside drain pans under each dryer.

    • All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction.

    • (2) 10 HP spin dryer drives (one for each centrifugal basket), fractional horsepower basket feed conveyor drive, all 3 phase.

    • Complete with stainless steel operator control panel with PLC controller and variable speed drive controllers.

    • Factory operator manual included.

As of this writing this continuous automatic cut and leafy vegetable spin dryer system is presently in stock at Alard Equipment in very good condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular fresh produce processing and packaging needs.

Alard item reference #:Y4378


industrial-capacity food grade stainless steel


A Commercial Slicer Model 26NS, also known as a "Waterfall" slicer or Kibbey cutter, has long been the mainstay of the coleslaw and sauerkraut industries. Manufacturer recommended for lettuce, cabbage, onions, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and celery...


  • 26 inch diameter aluminum frame cutting disk with stainless steel knives; 100% cutting surface.

  • y4328f_crop_email.jpgCounter-rotating aluminum pusher-plow to prevent rolling and maximize throughput capacity.

  • Open infeed to easily accept heads of cabbage, lettuce and other whole vegetable products (up to 9 inch diameter).

  • Manufacturer rated for up to 25,000 pounds per hour, depending on cut size and product.

  • A range of cutting disk and blade configurations are available for one and two-dimensional cutting (slices, strip cuts, julienne cuts) in thicknesses from 1/32 to 2 inch and up to 5 inch in length. Grater blades are also available for shredding carrots, slaw, onions, and other fresh vegetables. CALL 315-589-4511 to discuss your particular vegetable cutting / cut size specification.

  • Food grade stainless steel construction, including tubular stainless steel frame, with 60 inch infeed height and 41 inch high discharge.

  • Complete with two (2) stainless steel shrouded 1.5HP gear motor drives - one for main cutting wheel and the other powers plow.

  • 230/460 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this high-capacity industrial slicing and strip cutting machine is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT condition, available for timely shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your food process fruit and vegatable slicing and strip cutting needs..

ALARD item reference #: Y4328


Reconditioned URSCHEL Model CC-D


The Urschel CC-D is manufacturer recommended to shred, slice, strip cut or granulate a multitude of food products ranging from cheese, potatoes, coconut, cranberries, cooked meats, pet food and surimi. A range of cutting head setups are available for this machine with over a dozen different types of cuts, including flat cuts, "V" slices, "Flat-V" shreds & slices, crinkle cut potato chips, match-stick cuts, strip cuts, full shreds, V-shreds, oval shreds, crescent shreds, wide crescent shreds, and various options for grating, on input of up to 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) in any dimension...


  • Stainless steel slice shell, impeller and 18 inch diameter cone hopper.

  • Tubular support frame, with 5 inch locking casters, provides 66 inch high infeed and 39.5 inch discharge height, e.g. for cutting over a bin, tote or tank.

  • USDA / DAIRY sanitary food grade stainless steel construction.

  • y4363f_crop_email.jpgCurrently set with 3/4 inch "flat strip" cutting head -- other cutting setups available, please CALL 315-589-4511 with your cutting specification!

  • Complete with 5HP belt drive motor, PVC control box and safety interlocks.

  • 208/230 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this refurbished Urschel slicer is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, electrical & cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and to discuss your food processing needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4363

Hycor Rotostrainer RSA2524, Alard item Y4310

for liquid / solids separation, food grade stainless steel...


An externally fed self-cleaning rotating drum screener, for separating liquids and solids, such as wastewater recovery, dewatering and/or solids separation...


  • Unfiltered liquids are fed via a 5 inch diameter Tri-clamp and/or 2 inch diameter threaded inlets into a head tank which directs the liquid / solid slurry onto the outside of the 25 inch diameter by 24 inch long wedgewire strainer reel which has .020 inch sieve openings.

  • The strainer drum cylinder rotates so that any solids which stick to the outside of the drum are scraped off by a stainless steel doctor blade and drop off the edge.

  • Meantime, the liquid is filtered through the sieve screen and discharges thru a 19 inch by 28 inch open bottom discharge below.

  • Additional screen clearing action is provided by a stainless steel spray header running through the center of the wedge-wire cylinder.


  • y4310h_crop_email.jpgFood grade stainless steel construction including stainless steel screener drum, cabinet and support frame.

  • 1/3HP drive turns the rotary screen reel.

  • 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this rotary drum wastewater screen is in stock at ALARD, in EXCELLENT operational condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability and discuss your liquid solid separation equipment needs.

ALARD item reference #: Y4310

METAL DETECTOR with elevating belt conveyor, 6x14, Y4277

14x6 opening, all food grade stainless steel...

Fortress Phantom food METAL DETECTOR
with gooseneck elevating conveyor belt Y4277
from Alard Equipment Corporation.

A Fortress Phantom stainless steel belt-transfer metal detector with a 5 7/8 inch high by 14 inch wide USABLE aperture opening, on a stainless steel goose-neck incline conveyor, with pneumatic blow-off reject. Last used for product inspection of bagged products in line after a vertical form-fill-seal machine (VFFS) bagger; to receive the bags from the low discharge and raise them back to line level while metal-checking...


  • Fortress stainless-steel search head enclosure with integral touchpad operator control panel.

  • Stainless steel elevating conveyor with 10 foot long by 12 inch wide interlocking plastic chain type belt with 1/4 inch by 5/16 inch rectangular openings; with rubber non-slip top strips.

  • Goosneck conveyor configuration, with an approximatetly 2 foot long horizontal infeed at a 10 inch infeed height,with an 8 foot incline section leading to a 38 inch discharge clearance height, on height-adjustable legs.

  • Left to right product flow direction from the operator control position.

  • Pneumatic blow-off reject system configuration. Other rejct configurations available, CALL 315-589-4511 to discuss your particular food process metal detection equipment needs.

  • Complete with a (new) gasketed fiberglass control box.

  • 1HP conveyor belt drive, with variable speed control.

  • 110 volt single phase (standard household current) electrical input.

As of this writing, this metal detector with goose-neck elevating conveyor in stock at Alard in EXCELLENT operational, electrical, mechanical and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

CALL ALARD at 315-589-4511 to confirm current availability, and to discuss your particular food process metal detection need(s).

Alard item reference #:Y4277

ELEVATING FEED CONVEYOR, cleated belt, Y4168

19 inch wide by 10 foot long cleated belt, food grade stainless steel...


A food grade stainless steel elevating feed conveyor with cleated conveyor belt, with in-feed hopper.


  • 10 foot long by 19 inch wide cleated rubber belt with 4 inch high cleats on 12 inch centers.

  • Stainless steel infeed hoppers, one or both removable.

  • 37 inch infeed height to bottom conveyor, 90 inch discharge height.

  • y4168e_crop_email.jpgAll food grade heavy duty stainless steel construction.

  • Previously used in a USDA sanitary meat and cheese processing environment feeding blocks to a grinder.

  • Top mounted 3 phase fractional horsepower gearmotor drive with stainless steel chain guard.

As of this writing, this elevating feed belt is in stock at Alard, in good condition, and available for timely service and shipment.

CALL 315-589-4511 to confirm availability, and to discuss your particular food process feed belt conveyor needs.

Alard item reference #:Y4168