A running list of things we've acquired or found available for sale by Alard Equipment Corporation; used food processing and packaging equipment.

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November 2015 Archives



y2632g_crop_email.jpg26 inch diameter by 19 inch deep stainless steel vessel, with sloped bottom to a 1.75 inch diameter bottom side discharge outlet with a removable strainer, and manual discharge valve. Hinged stainless steel top cover. Floor standing at a 39 inch infeed height, and 17.57 inch discharge height. 48 inch high by 42 inch diameter overall dimensions.

A self-contained natural gas fired cooking kettle y2632j_crop_email.jpgmanufacturer rated and National Board coded for 15psi @ 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and 105,000 BTU per hour. 110 volt single phase 2.6 amp electrical circuit control circuit. Food grade stainless steel construction, including all product contact surfaces and exterior shrouding.

As of this writing, this gas heated 40 gallon kettle is in stock at Alard, in EXCELLENT operational and mechanical condition, available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2632


FOOD PROCESS METAL DETECTOR with BELT CONVEYOR, 9.25 inch high by 26 inch wide USABLE aperture opening...

y2729j_crop_email.jpgGoring Kerr DSP-2 model epoxy-painted aluminum search head with an 9.25 inch (235mm) high by 26 inch (660mm) wide USABLE aperture opening, mounted on an elevating through-conveyor with a new 23.75 inch wide by 74 inch long food grade conveyor belt with a belt stop alarm REJECT device, 1/2HP 3 phase drive. 26 inch infeed height / 40 inch discharge height, on a portable painted steel support frame with 5 inch high casters (discharge end casters lock).

For detection of ferrous (e.g. iron, steel), non ferrous (e.g.y2729k_crop_email.jpg bronze, aluminum) and stainless steel metal contamination in food processing or other industrial process applications.

As of this writing, this food grade metal detection system is in stock at Alard, in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical and cosmetic condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2729


Food grade stainless steel CENTRIFUGAL PUMP with drive, 2.5 inch inlet, 2 inch outlet, with Triclamp connections...

y1768e_crop_email.jpgA food grade stainless steel centrifugal pump with spiral (tangential) partially open / semi-closed impeller.

Direct connection to a and 3 phase 1725 RPM motor with foot, 208/230/460 volt 3 phase electrical input. The motor is NOT tagged, but our best guesstimate is 3 HP.

Cleaned and serviced with new seals.

As of this writing, this food grade centrifugal pump is in stock at Alard in EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and electrical condition, available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1768


INDUSTRIAL PROCESS METAL DETECTOR with BELT CONVEYOR, all food grade stainless steel, 2 inch high by 17.5 inch wide usable aperture opening...

y2432_crop_email.jpgConsists of a Loma model IQ-2 digital metal detection head with a stianless steel search head enclosure, mounted on a stainless steel belt transfer thru through-conveyor. The belt conveyor has a 58 inch long by 15.75 inch wide plastic interlocking chain type belt running over an anti-static UHMW plastic bed, at a 34 inch working height on adjustable foot pads, on a tubular stainless steel conveyor frame. The conveyor belt and metal detector are integrated with a BELT STOP ALARM REJECT system, with operator start, stop and reset controls, and a .33 HP single phase drive.

All food grade sanitary stainless steel construction. 110 volt single phase electrical input.

Detects and rejects ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants in food and other industrial production environments.

As of this writing, this refurbished food process conveyorized metal detection system is in stock in EXCELLENT operational, electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, ready to go and available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2432



y2075k_crop_email.jpgElectric Steam Generator Corporation Model 50CC-4C BOILER (equivalent to Model 100CC-4C), electric-fired, and manufacturer rated for 100psi maximum working pressure, 468,000 BTU per hour heat output, 483 lbs per hour steam. 460 volt 3 phase 172 amp electrical input.

Complete with stainless steel condensate return tank and single phase condensate return pump.

Was originally ordered and shipped with, and includes a 50psi pressure release valve. This would need to be replaced to output steam at the full rated working pressure of the boiler.

An electrode steam generator, with no heating elements to burn out or replace. No low water damage is possible with an electrode boiler because should the water supply fall, the electrode tips become uncovered and no current can pass, effectively shutting off the boiler automatically. Electrode boilers are less susceptible to scaling as compared with fuel-fired or resistor boilers, as no part of the steam generator is ever hotter than the water or steam, there are no "hot surfaces" for solids to bake onto when water flashes into seam. In addition, all the advantages of an electrically powered boiler apply, including: no exhaust, no flame, no soot, no blowers, no stacks, no fire hazard, no burners, no fuel pumps.

Electrode boilers are efficient, with 100% of the electrical energy converted to heat, they cool and restart faster than other boiler types, reducing downtime. Electrode type boilers are also compact, as they are constructed with a vertical pressure vessel, thereby resulting in a relatively small footprint, occupying less valuable floor space, require no fuel handling or storage space or equipment, require no vents or stacks, and can be located near the load, saving heat runs and plumbing.

Purchased new in 2005 and never been put into production, this unused 14HP package boiler is in stock at Alard in VERY good condition, and available for timely shipment to you.

Alard item reference #:Y2075