A running list of things we've acquired or found available for sale by Alard Equipment Corporation; used food processing and packaging equipment.

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June 2015 Archives


y2307_y1254a_crop_email.jpgPADDLE PULPER / PULPER FINISHER, Langsenkamp LAB PULPER Model 185.

Hopper infeed, with 8 inch long by 8.5 inch wide stainless steel infeed hopper leading into the straight body screen chamber, with dual paddles inside a heavy duty screen cage. Presently equipped with a NEW .060" perforated screen (other screens can be purchased).

A pilot line or lab sized pulper manufacturer rated for up to 1.5 tons per hour,depending on product characteristics, screens used and other variables.

Liquids and pulp product pushed through the paddle y2307_y1254_before_c_crop_email.jpgpulper screen drop into a tapered stainless steel bottom catch pan with a threaded 2 inch center bottom outlet. Solids that pass through the screen are dischaged via a 7/8 inch wide by 4.5 inch solids discharge with a stainless steel chute, to the left side of the pulping machine (from the perspective of someone looking into the infeed end).

All stainless steel product contact surfaces. Stainless steel y2307_y1254_before_a_crop_email.jpgtop cover over pulping chamber. 44 inch infeed height, 24 inch bottom product discharge height, on a painted steel support base, on a painted steel riser with 5 inch high caster,(2) of which are locking.

1HP drive motor with stainless steel drive belt guard. 220 volt single phase electronic variable speed control. Note: the variable speed controller comes new ina box, to be installed by the buyer either at a diastance (e.g. on the wall) oron the frame, per buyer preference / site need. Other electrical input voltages are available.

As of this writing, this LAB PULPER is IN stock at Alard, in VERY good operational, mechanical, and electrical condition, available for timely shipment...

Alard item reference #:Y2307


y2635g_crop_email.jpgSCREW PRESS, continuous horizontal stainless steel Vettertec Model DVV/21...

...with 80 inch (203 cm) long tapered auger. A continuous juice or dewatering press with sanitary food grade all stainless steel product contacts.

20 inch (51cm) by 20 inch (51cm) by 16 inch (40cm) deep feed hopper feeding to a stainless steel screw auger y2635_z9887w_email.jpgtapering from 14 inches (35.5 cm) in diameter at the infeed to an 8 inch diameter (20cm) at the discharge. The screw auger runs inside screens with .025 inch (.635mm) perforations backed by a heavy stainless steel ribbed cage surrounding strong 1.25 inch (3.2 cm) perforated stainless steel backing screen (see photo).

TO BE mounted on a heavy painted steel I-beam base, with a 25 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase variable speed drive.

Previously used on spent grain in a brewing operation. As of this writing, this horizontal screw press is in stock in very good condition available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y2635