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October 2013 Archives


y2009a_email.jpgSTEAM BOILER, 80 HP, 150 psi, GAS-FIRED...

Lattner Model 80 DBS 3 pass dry-back Scotch Marine Boiler with Webster Cyclone forced draft natural gas burner with 2HP 460 volt 3 phase blower motor. Complete with Lattern Model LV75D 80 gallon vertical condensate tank with (2) 3 phase pumps, 2 water softener tanks, and a blow-down / separator tank.

Manufacturer rated for 2760 lbs per hour steam output, 400 square foot heating surface, 1037 gallons water content, 3360 mBTU maximum input, 1344 mBTU minimum inputy2009g_email.jpg

Late model (2008), just removed in very good operational condition from a newly-closed industrial food processing plant facility.

As of this writing, this high-pressure industrial boiler is IN stock in very good condition, avaiilable for immediate shipment.

Alard item refrence #: Y2009


y2039_lock_insight_drop_thru_with_reject.jpgVERTICAL FALL / DROP THROUGH METAL DETECTOR with REJECT VALVE...

Lock Insight drop-thru metal detection search head with 9 inch diameter aperture opening, with 8 inch antistatic plastic through-tube mounted in a drop-thru gravity flow configuration. Complete with pneumatic reject diverter system. Tri-Clamp flange fittings for inlet, outlet, and reject discharge connections.

Food grade / sanitary stainless steel construction for food process metal detection, including stainless steel reject diverter valve, stainless steel IP66 washdown search head enclosure with stainless steel remote operator control panel with touchpad control, on a 9 foot long cord.

Digital controls include a graphical vector diagram display allowing for fast diagnosis of false rejects under changing product conditions.

HI FREQUENCY MODEL manufacturer recommended for DRY / low or no product-effect products, for sensitivity (depending on product characteristics) / detection of metallic contamination as small as .7mm ferrous, .8mm non-ferrous, and 1mm stainless steel. (Other frequencies / configurations available to-order).

110 volt single phase electrical input. 80psi clean /dry air service input needed for reject.

NEW, with 1 year manufacturer warranty.  Lead time / availability for this food process metal detection system is approximately 9 weeks from the date of order (deposit).

Alard item reference #:Y2039


y1827_email.jpgFOOD PROCESS METAL DETECTOR with CONVEYOR, 7 inch high by 8 inch wide usable  opening, stainless steel, digital.

Lock Inspection Systems Metalcheck 30 model HDS digital stainless steel metal detection search head mounted on a 40 inch long conveyor belt, on a tubular stainless steel frame conveyor set for a 31.5 inch working height.

Currently fitted with 3 inch wide belt, but will accept up to a 6 inch wide belt. Also now set up with a blow-off reject, but can be easily converted to a belt-stop-alarm or other reject  configuration to suit buyer need.

y1827a_email.jpgAlard calibrated and sensitivity tested for 1.5mm Ferrous, 2mm non-Ferrous, and 3mm stainless steel; --sensitivity results in production will vary depending on the product being run.

As of this writing, this food grade metal detection system is in stock in good
operational condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #: Y1827


y1853o_email.jpgURSCHEL COMITROL 3600 PROCESSOR, TRAY FEED with powered metering feed auger.

22 inch long by 13.75 inch wide by 2.25 inch deep feed tray with 2.75 inch diameter infeed port leading to the feed auger; which is powered by a 1/6HP drive. The impeller is powered by a 10 HP brake-motor. Both drives are controlled by an Urschel / factory control panel with safety interlock system / safety switches and motor brake.

All stainless steel product contact cutter with stainless steel frame, on a portable stainless steel work table on casters. 43 inch infeed height, 32 inch discharge height on 6 inch casters.

Manufacturer rated for chopping, flake cutting, granulating, pureeing and emulsifying foods such as meats, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, baked goods, & etc. Currently configured with 2 inch cutting head 66818-2M030300U, and a wide range of cutting heads and impellers is available from Urschel to suit specific application needs.

208/230/460 volt 3 phase electrical input.

As of this writing, this Comitrol Processor 3600 is in stock in good operational condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1853


y1927c_email.jpg40 GALLON KETTLE, SELF-CONTAINED, GAS-FIRED, stainless steel.

See below for VIDEO!

Groen Model AH/1-40 cooking kettle, with 26 inch diameter by 21.5 inch deep hemispherical bottom vessel, with hinged top cover, and 1.5 inch bottom side discharge outlet, with new valve.

National Board Coded, NSF and U-stamped. Manufacturer tagged for 30 psi at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, 85,000 BTU per hour. 110 volt single phase (standard household current) electrical input.

As of this writing this steam jacketed gas heated kettle is in stock refurbished to EXCELLENT operational, mechanical, and cosmetic condition, available for immediate shipment.

Alard item reference #:Y1927

y1900 Urschel GK-A video demo

URSCHEL DICER, MODEL GK-A for flat or crinkle slices and/or strip cuts.


If you have trouble viewing the VIDEO above, click HERE.


All stainless steel product contact / USDA sanitary model. 10 inch (25.4 cm) slice shell opening. Complete with safety interlock system wired to factory electrical / operator control panel controlling it's 2HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase drive.

Manufacturer rated for uniform dices, french fry cuts, strip cuts and slices from a variety of soft ripe fruits and brittle root vegetables, in continuous tons-per-hour production, for product infeed sizes up to 5.5 inches (140mm) in any dimension. This machine is particularly well suited for the production of crinkle french fry strips from potatoes.

Slice thickness (knob adjustable) from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch (3.2mm to 19.1mm), crosscut spindles are available in sizes from 9/32inch to 7/8 inch (7.1mm to 22.2mm), and the circular knife spindle can be set up (with knives and spacers) in sizes from 1/8 inch to 3inch (3.2mm to 76mm). This machine can be set (with blades and change parts) for flat or krinkle cuts.

Currently set up for 1/4 inch (6.35mm) dices, but other cutting parts are available (please give us your cutting specification!).
As of this writing, this Urschel GK-A dicer is in stock in good operational condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference Y1900