A running list of things we've acquired or found available for sale by Alard Equipment Corporation; used food processing and packaging equipment.

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July 2013 Archives


y1880m_email.jpgSTAINLESS STEEL ANGLE DISINTEGRATOR, Rietz Model RA3-12-K122, 25HP.

Currently configured for pipe infeed, with a 3 inch Triclamp connector leading to a 12 inch rotor fitted with (3) blunt hammers and one sharp hammer. The blades are surrounded by a fine mesh .023" perforated screen. The discharge is a 4 inch high by 20 inch wide opening discharge with a flange edge, at a 27 inch discharge height. Food grade all stainless steel product contact grinder, on a painted steel base.

Complete with a 25 HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase motor drive.

As of this writing, this Rietz Disintegrator / hammermill / grinder / comminutor machine is in stock in VERY GOOD condition, available for timely shipment.

Alard item reference# Y1880


y1455d_email.jpgFROZEN BLOCK GRINDER / RIETZ EXTRUCTOR Model RE-10-K5F431, 25 HP with tapered infeed hopper with a 16 inch by 18 inch opening. 10 inch diameter auger / breaker. Includes extrusion plates with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch diameter perforations. A food grade sanitary all stainless steel frozen block grinder / pre-breaker set at a 66 inch infeed height, and 48 inch discharge height, mounted on a heavy duty painted tubular steely1455g_email.jpg frame, with a 25HP 460 volt 3 phase drive.

As of this writing, this Rietz Extructor is in stock at Alard, in very good operational condition, available for timely shipment.
Alard item reference #:Y1455



...1.25 inch high by 36 inch wide usable aperture opening through the epoxy painted aluminum search head. The overall aperture height is 2 inches, but the conveyor bed and belt takes up about 3/4 of an inch of that space. The detection head is complete with flanges on each side of the aperture opening, to shield the aperture opening from interference.

The metal detection search head is mounted on a 34 inch wide by 6 foot long stainless steel frame conveyor, with a pneumatic 6-inch PULL-BACK REJECT system with a catch tray shelf beneath. The conveyor frame is tubular stainless steel, and it is complete with an endless-loop rubberized food grade belt, running between 1.25 inch high sides, with a belt scraper and catch tray, a pneumatic belt tracking system, and a 3 phase fractional HP fixed speed drive. Configured as a lowerator, the conveyor runs on a decline / down-hill angle, with a 61 inch infeed height, and a 37 inch discharge height, on adjustable feet. Conveyor belt product flow runs from left to right from the operator control panel position.

Available refurbished (prior to shipment), with or without the conveyor leveled, or refurbished HEAD ONLY, or refurbished head with as-is conveyor. (e.g. for push-through use, or where you would mount on your own conveyor).

As of this writing, this metal detection system is in stock, available for timely preparation and shipment.

Alard Item Reference #:Z7550